"Seems Like Old Times" Were Goldie

August 29, 2015


I woke up to Seems like old times and it totally made my day. The movie, the mood, Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn. It is about fashion as it can be. But most off all, it is about style. Goldie is golden!


The dress in the picture is not actually the one that made me do this, but it is the only picture I found of her style in the movie and it is, however, super worthy of this category. The dogs are, too. Awr!

“Seems like old times” is an 1980 movie and the air of the pre whatever-has-transformed-the-wolrd-into-right-now euphoria is just what you would want on a Saturday morning. A time when actually life was a way of life.

And women wore splendid pyjamas.


Follow your heart in love and wear long dresses. Big fall trend, btw, and the way Goldie did them… That’s the way.

DAT hair.

And below is the dress that made me do this and actually take a screenshot.


Watch the movie.

Live your love.

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