These Ankles, Man…

August 30, 2015

These two seem not to talk much to this third one. Probably because the latter is cooler. Why? Because the first two are trying a bit too much. The third is happy with who she is. I won’t say who is who. I know you know and you know that I know that you know. No?


From toe to head: the bag down on the ground. “So what?”. A bag from WOOD WOOD, I would add and am adding, in fact. A very stylish Danish shop. What else? Pf. A pair of manly shoes that unveil fine, thin, feminine ankles. Sexy. The pants are the piece: hugging the waist (with a rope!) and, yet, loose enough to let the tee play inside. That hand in the pocket is boyish, but then there’s the waist, but then there’s naked, thin ankles, but then there’re the tiny wrists. Cool, simple cut t-shirt. Cool, simple, matching the t-shirt bag. So curious about the hair, eyes and lips now.  (!!!)



Is this just a very feminine man? Only Adam Katz Sinding (the photographer) knows.