One Of My Favourite (!) Combos Lately And Ever

February 12, 2019

The day you discover a favourite combination of your favourite clothes feels blissful. Especially when accompanied by Lovesick and Lucky. Quoi? Just as blissful as Créme glacée à la vanille avec noix de pécan et à la souce caramel does. To me, in winter, it does, oui!

It was early in the morning that I left home
was playing
through my headphones.

Who would’ve thought that I’d become a Kenzo lover? Our romance started with the Kenzo collection for h&m, three years ago, and (and!) the five (!) pieces I got for myself have, somehow, stuck with me. Against all odds. Because, in fashion, this kind of collection is only fashionable for a month. But not in style. These pieces seem to, actually, get better with time, because they just do. It was love at first sight and I didn’t even care about the collaboration “everyone was talking about”. I didn’t even know Kenzo was Paris based or anything.

– So what if it is?

– Mais, je ne sais pas, c’est Paris, c’est tout.

– Quoi?

I just loved how they were made; the fabric, the colours, the textures, the nature, the animals, the volumes, everything. I even got a men’s sweater. For myself. It’s that good!

Créme glacée à la vanille avec noix de pécan and stuff…

Kenzo is a French luxury fashion house founded in 1970 by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. Kenzo Takada was born in Japan and moved to Paris in 1964 to start his fashion career.[3] He then became known for using Asian influenced style with the construction of European fashion. He began with handmade women’s clothing; reportedly, he made his first collection with $200 worth of fabrics bought at a large discount house in Montmartre. He started with a ‘Jungle Jap’ boutique, decorated in jungle inspired interior.

These pants in particular, ooh. The joy! It’s not that often that I wear them, but would daily! It’s something in their movement. Aaand they are plush and… Smooth! While being pretty flashy, yet so down to earth. Literally. A teddy bear is hugging each of my feet. Imagine. Hugging, grabbing. I used to grab my brother’s feet, one at a time, with my entire body, each time (1) he wouldn’t do something with me or (2) I just wanted to have fun with him. When I was 7, let’s say, and he was 17. He would, apparently annoyed, carry me on one of his feet through the house and I remember I kind of used to enjoy it. Jees.

Anyway. Ouias!

By 11am,
Lucky started to play between my ears.

I felt lucky throughout the day.

And danced between my ears.

You feel me?
What do you feel?

The Adidas (some special sort of collection by Adi Dassler himself, one of the Adidas founders) hoodie is an item I, literally, feel like home in. Like carrying my home with me all around, with my music, scent, everything. I might be walking tall and all, but inside I’m snuggling af.

A crisp (off) white t-shirt is ALWAYS forever. Quoi?

The Hugo jacket I got for my mom, as a Christmas present, years ago, is an exchange for a jacket of mine. I smile whenever I remember about the subtle deal my mom and I made. The prints would not, theoretically, work together, yet there’s something about their shapes and colours that make them ride the same wave.

The Nikes are some of the most tender (yup) shoes I’ve been indulging (yup) in, lately. There’s just something about this particular model and they feel like FOREVER always.

The suede Mango bag is… suede. The Nikes are, too, and they communicate in a magical way. Moreover, its colour – nature’s sort of brown – feels like some sort of playground for the zebra pants.

I have to admit that a high bun means a lot to this combo. So does a high spirit.

I can not (do not want to) ever (have to) decide between vanilla or chocolate ice-cream. It’s vanilla today, it might as well be chocolate tomorrow. Or raspberries. Or salted caramel. What? Oui!

This outfit is one of the reasons I love winter, too. Winter challenges us and makes us fall in love with snow. When it snows. When it doesn’t… Well… Find yourself some va-va-voom pants and you’ll not only feel lovesick, but lucky, too. 

Or vice versa. Or have some ice-cream. Have some ice-cream after having found your va-va-voom. Ouias!

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