Just A Thought. One That I Choose To Keep

September 22, 2023

What true connection truly feels like? When you look into someone’s eyes and you can not but see someone’s soul, swoosh, you’re eager to connect to precisely it. You know for sure your soul has always been on this pursue of intimacy. When you do it in a way that’s authentic to you, it’s become second nature. What’s the antonym for nature? Man made. It’s when you start to build bridges to connect the world to the truth. You know it’s hard work, but it feels good when it’s for your own clarity. Similar to endorphins release. And! And. It’s a human being standing right in front of you and that’s beautiful. You see something new, it allows you to play with perspectives, yes, yes, thank you, yes, but this is about a specific kind of connection. Kind. Full of oxytocin. When listening to Purple Rain until the end or to the whole Inspiration Information / Wings of Love album together is second nature.

Truth is universal, timeless and it’s fascinating when it comes in the form of a surprise. It makes you instantly open your heart, you feel safe to. Now you know just how much your heart means to you. It’s always happy and wants you to be, too. Feel the heartbeat of the one, what to do. Suddenly, you’re free. There’s no right or wrong and breathing is a spontaneous reminder of it. You feel air invading your heart and, from it, spreading everywhere, it’s what opening your heart feels like. When your open heart is in the presence of at least one more open heart, nature courses through your veins. Peace is having a blast and you’re breathing like there’s no tomorrow.

You’ve been dipping your toes here and there, giggling, finding it extremely attractive, gradually ever evolving, you like the no limits thingy. So, you dive deeper and deeper, naturally, like a mermaid does, you fly high or just above the ocean, at a speed that feels right in the moment, like a unicorn does. An enchanting ride that takes you into the arms of someone who looks into you, not at you, and the living is easy. There’s desire and no resistance to it. Instant creation. 

How to feel satisfied with the ordinary when everything you really want is extraordinary? It brings us to the importance of the little things, just as significant as the big things. Ordinary is just as extraordinary. Your extraordinary. Not perfect, yours. So, perfect. Yours.

You know what a hug of someone who really gets you feels like. And is not afraid to hug you like that, that’s the second part. You feel the intention each time, you know your whole lotta love vibration. You don’t think about it, but when you’re in it and you’re melting, that’s when you know something for sure. Staying in your lane, walking on the walking lane (as you do in airports), pursuing what you’d intended on helps. Not needing anything and enjoying everything. In theory. It’s the whole lotta love inside of you. True. I mean look at the ocean, sun in the face, all that jazz. We all need a hug, in practice, though, cha-ching!

You know what a hug of a cat or dog that wants to hug you, in their own way, feels like. They do all they can to glue their body as close as possible to yours. Look you in the eye. Smile with their eyes. Tilt their head. Purr. It’s some kind of dance, at times. Definitely play. Mirror you. Try to deliver some kind of message. Chill next to you. They just are.

You appreciate all sorts of eye gazing, but there’s one that electrifies you. It’s the truth. When souls salute each other for real, for real. When it isn’t for real, for real, man, you just confirm to yourself, on and on again – and even that feels amazing, the thought of a true connection feels amazing on its own – just how much you love love. The tremble you feel when you inhale and almost forget to exhale.

Polar opposite to the inhale you need to take as soon as you get from your world down into an uber and, suddenly, you really do feel like an alien. F*ck! You sky rocket in your head and do your best to strike a connection, you’d sensed they wanted to connect, but here comes our friend, intention. Arrivederci and off into the evening you go. You’re fabulously peaceful with the connection you have with you at all times.

It makes you even more aware not only of what is important, but also exciting to you. To dieee fooor. You feel it in your stomach as you’re reading this. If you don’t, come back to it when you do. I’m going to repeat it for people in the baaack: you feel it in your stomach as you’re reading this.

When did people start to be with people just because people are supposed to be with people, just because people say so, instead of looking forward to be with someone they actually desire, are in awe of? It’s easier to believe in love when you see it around you, true, but guess what, you can choose to see love all around and, one day, boom, within you. Sense it in movies, too, listen to it in music, feel it, all that jazz.

A lot about relationships of all sorts has been roaming around and it’s, sometimes, so entangled and this and that and ooh, but hey, but no, but yes, twisting and turning continuously, but isn’t you just being real all that is sort of required of you? You two, you three or ten and most importantly, of yourself. It’s funny it’s also the easiest. The easiest that requires courage, but still. There’s a sort of sassiness meshed into this whole courage thing and when you like sassy, how can you ever say no to sassy? You don’t want to, so you dive in, you fly, you do whatever feels like the s*it.

Confidence is sexy when it’s raw. Peeking from behind the shyness that tastes like honey, says I see you without saying it. The kind of confidence Romeo has. Juliet also. They’re not Romeo and Juliet for nothing after all. They’re everything.

Your heart was wide open all evening and, all evening long, the thought of intimacy alone kept you floating. It’s when the passion in your heart is on fire mode and, yet, time seems to be standing still. You’re all cool inside, yes, but, man, it feels so good when it’s that kind of connection. You know what you’ve wanted since you were a kid. You stepping up a notch a day + them stepping up a notch a day = top notch.

You know exactly what happiness really really really really really really really really really feels like. Looks like. The butterflies in your stomach go beyond. Take a boat ride, come back home in your stomach and so on. When they’re on a boat, they just let themselves float. Take a natural pause. Only to fly again, just as naturally, wherever they want and, swoosh, back into your stomach. We’re elevating here, you with me? This “thought” was not intended to be romantic, but when you go with the flow, you never know. Plus! Plus. The idea of it came from a romantic feeling, I admit. Of course it did. Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet with a happy ending, I know, I know, I’m talking about real life here, absolutely. Equals poetry. The thought of a true connection feels amazing on its own. So, when a connection happens, it’s breathtaking, uh-oh. Your dreams matter. Your peace matters. Your vision matters. Your smell matters. Your warmth matters. Your energy matters. Your sweetness matters. Your power matters. Your tears matter. Your boundaries matter. Your taste matters. Your charm matters. Your devotion matters. Your skin, man… Your pleasure matters. Your freedom matters and as soon as freedom came in, freedom, basically, laid the foundation for everything that matters.

When butterflies come back into the stomach, they take a nap or, if in the company of the butterflies they like in one more stomach, you never know. Being next to each other is enough. Maybe they even want to splash together in the water. Who knows? 

Compatibility. Is compatibility a bit overlooked or was it just me? I mean I looked compatibility straight in the eye, saw it possible, but I kinda hid it from my soul. The sense of humour is definitely, uhm, I almost said mandatory, but you can’t ask for it, I mean you can in your dreams, I see a connection here, where is this going to, wait, wait, here. Sense of humour either is or is not. Compatible with yours, that’s the thing. They take the lead, you lean into it only in time for you to take the lead again and for them to lean into it and so on. We’re all in the making. 

Cool in the hottest way ever. Not just hot, of course. And ever, of course. I told you we’re on to something here. This is the kind of discussion butterflies have on a boat. Giving their full attention to whatever the moment presents. It’s the enthusiasm that is smouldering inside of you and when you feel the match lighting it, you feel your heart. It’s only natural for passion to take over. There’s a sense of magic and wonder in the air. It’s beyond you two or is it, in fact, that it is precisely you?

And, then, the silence settles in and you’re in the perfect place, at the perfect time. You’re wearing exactly what you’d imagined you’d wear in a moment like this. But that’s the thing with moments like these, you can’t plan these moments. They just happen and, surprise, you’re naked. You knew you were pursuing joy and joy it was. Is. A little plan here and there helps, yes. Polar opposite to the verb to settle, yes, yes, yes. But we’re talking about the vibe snow has when it settles everywhere, sun has when it settles on your skin. A lot of feelings, well, I guess practice what you preach. Beware of the action as well. Why did this make me think of Beware of the dog, the cat is shady af, too and giggle?

Compatibility makes things a lot easier. I know that Heaven on Earth is incessantly created by our choice, so in order to pursue what you know and want for sure, it matters who you’re on the journey with. You know that natural is what feels natural to you. Ease, at times, though, is preceded by the hardcore of the hardcore of everything. Decisions. Strength. Perseverance. Grace. We can learn from people’s mistakes, too. Be original with ours. And then, one day, something just clicks. You’re the butterfly again, your heart is free. As it is natural for a heart to be. You dreamed about a natural heart next to yours, you do the math, which instinctively, takes us to chemistry. Off the charts is the only way, I’ve figured out. Otherwise, is there an otherwise? Chemistry, just like humour or written in the stars, either is or is not. It’s up to nature. Yum, we’re on to something here x2.

Hey, this is Cristina Pavelescu wearing a music cassette sweater, decoding (life) style and writing from wherever, yet always living in OZ, a world I invite you into. To smile in front of our screens (and live one day), put any kind of questions, answer in writing (or imagination) and marvel at fashion which is, in fact, style.


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