A Case For Chokers

August 29, 2016

Beware! A choker is a statement and a responsibility. Read all about it and try not to choke on it because chokers gonna choke!

Either as a simple black strap or with a cross or a heart attached to it, it seems like the whole planet has been wearing the choker and taking it for granted. But you see, clothes are not just clothes and even if I am so pro everyone doing and wearing whatever they want (as long as they’re not ass*oles, obviously), I, sometimes, feel like stepping out for things. Which are not just things.

It’s been many years since I last saw Leon, one of my all time favourite movies (and names), so when I’ve just seen, today, Natalie Portman playing Mathilda, again, my awe of her sparked, again, and I decided to write about it, the real s*it in the 90’s. I have nothing against things that revive from the (fashion) past, have the comebacks of the comebacks and party like there’s no tomorrow. Like the Stan Smith’s Adidas sneakers do. Arguably. Or the Levis’s’ 501. Definitely.

Somehow, however, the choker has fallen right into the place of a statement and I have nothing against statements either. On the contrary. I just think you have to, really, feel them, live them. A statement is a responsibility. You don’t just wear a statement. You make it seem like you’d invented it.

Like Natalie Portman did in Leon.

Or Catherine Zeta Jones in Zorro.

Or Winona back in the days.

It has to be authentic. Everything has. And even if you didn’t invent the choker, you little tricker, the fact that you just wouldn’t get it off of your neck – because this is how much you love it – has to shine on your face, has to make your body move like no other. It doesn’t let you breathe anymore, that’s how much you like it and it likes you. You know what I mean.

Well, it is a choker after all. It’s supposed to not let you breathe properly.

I only wore it in the 2000s and I can’t remember where my love of it has started for me, back when trend wasn’t a word people used so much. In the past, I remember people feeling more rather than trending.

Just be responsible and breathe!

Or be breathtaking.

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