“To Enthuse” Has A Whole Lot Of Beautiful Synonyms

March 16, 2017

Every fashion enthusiast knows just how enthusiastic a fashion enthusiast can get at the sight of the most simple, yet close to perfection piece of garment. And jump with joy when they get it on the spot and take it home or put it on, at home, where it’s just been delivered at.

Perfection in the close to perfection is the moment when the piece, naturally, falls on the fashion enthusiast’s body and the circle becomes full. Of enthusiasm.

to enthuse (Definitions from Oxford Languages)


express eager enjoyment, interest, or approval regarding something.

synonyms: rave, be enthusiastic, gush, wax lyrical, bubble over, effervesce, be effusive, rhapsodise, go into raptures; praise to the skies, heap praise on, make much of, throw bouquets at, eulogise, extol, acclaim; informal go wild/mad/crazy, get all worked up, go over the top.

Stars shine bright like diamonds and you see them all, birds sing in the most beautiful forest and the weather is heaven, drums frame the mirror you’re looking at yourself in, they announce the victory, a silver tray carrying champagne to celebrate the moment makes its way to you on Aladdin’s carpet. The magic carpet.


It might be a piece you found at a flea market, it might be a designer that made it, it doesn’t matter. The fabric is hugging the body and your eyes just can’t help looking at your body. 

It feels like the most simple thing ever. The most simple pair of jeans you’ve been hunting since forever. The most common t-shirt, yet so, oh-so soft, in the hue of black, or grey, or red you’ve been craving for. The shoes that seem to have been waiting for you only. You feel it in the moment your energies lock.

It’s this kind of things that turn you into a fashion enthusiast. When clothes are so much more than just clothes. When it’s not just about the eagerness of getting new items and putting on a show for the world, but, rather, the show you throw for yourself and you, suddenly, feel like dancing.

Inside out.

That’s when you know it’s real. The chemistry. The dance floor. The passion for fashion.

The enthuuuse.

You deeply breathe in, breathe out and your breath sparkles, in front of your eyes, the image of Sade in all-denim. You’re the fashion enthusiast, you can do it.

An enthusiast knows there’s, always, room for va-va-voom, but, sometimes, it’s just about the va, or the va, or the voom. Alone. Simple. Perfect.

Some kind of chemical formula.

Like H2O.


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