September 16, 2022

You have to get out of the house, but you find yourself in this thing. You were supposed to be somewhere, by now, but this thing is holding you inside. Inside your house and somewhere inside of you. Not because you don’t want to be where you were supposed to be, but because you want to be in this thing for a little bit longer.

In a video, that is.

In love.

I, sometimes, get into these phases and I, either, refuse to get out of them because I just like them so much or escape through them and stay somewhere inside of me instead. In my world. Regardless, this moment feels so good, that I don’t even feel like questioning it in any way. I just did that. Like looking for answers. I am so happy, that everything else subsides. For a moment or two or ten. Even the scheduled thing I was supposed to be at.

We are all concerned with eating bio, taking part in the slow fashion, exercising, living in the moment, socialising in an avid way online, but what about our brain? Who takes care of it if not us? Of our world.

Someone can take care of your soul when someone is your soulmate. The soulmate pops up, however, after you’d mated with your soul and you pop up for your soulmate after your soulmate mated out with their soul. The pop can happen before, too, but it depends on the pop you want to listen to. There’s pop for today and tomorrow and there’s pop forever.

Liking something gives me pleasure, but that’s the whole point of liking. It’s the pleasure that either relaxes my brain or excites the s*it out of it. I am, officially, a sucker for pleasure. Newsflash, we all are.

I am, incessantly, watching the video above. It’s simple, but it’s the simple that we, at times, crave for. I don’t need this song, but I like it. Just liking something, liking for free puts me in a good mood and it feels good to just know it’s all I need to know. It’s just me mating with my soul and we’re kissing and kissing and kissing. And kissing. This is what the video is all about. Having the best time which, obviously, means kissing.

We don’t need kissing, but we like it.

If, only for a second there, you tried to give in to your pessimistic side that your brain might had accustomed to, the whole lot of kissing that has just flooded your brain might have just washed it all away. Even if only for a moment, but remember, life is made of moments. Does this mean it’s only up to you to take care of your brain?

Kissing, kissing, kissing.

… Kissing.

This is fun! We are all lucky if we, therefore, choose to be lucky. We all need things, that’s just life. But life is also about the not needing things, too. It might be, more, in fact, about kissing. Kidding. About rollercoasters. We don’t need to ride the rollercoaster just as we don’t need to live the life. We are here to enjoy it. To love it. We don’t need to enjoy it, but we love it when we do and it’s so easy to.

We don’t need to ride the rollercoaster, but, man, do we like to feel our hearts in our mouths that just wouldn’t close of so much laughing or what? Now, see? That or what made me think of kissing again, but that’s just life and life is calling me now. See ya!


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