Pajamas And Leandra. Leandra And Pajamas. Pajamas. Leandra.

October 22, 2016

Today is one of those days where I wouldn’t get out of my pajamas and it is on days like this that I praise the thin – spider web thin – idea that goes out into the universe and transforms the pjs into a thing.

Were we the inspiration for the idea, in the first place? Our love of pjs! We love them so much that we invented an excuse to wear them in the streets. An excuse a.k.a. a thing. A wish fulfilled. Mm, cozy. We want to feel the comfiest when we get between the sheets, so it’s only natural for us to get into our pajamas first. Unless we’re Victoria Beckham and we only sleep naked next to our everything. Natural, did I just say? It’s only natural for us to be free. Hence naked. Pajamas are, simply, the closest thing to it.

A fluffy cloud, warm bed, beautiful sheets, coconut scent, the perfect pillows, smooshy-whooshy music, relaxed minds, floating bodies, sweet eyes, dreams takeover. The best vibe.

In a world where walking around naked in the streets is not really an option, the next best is wearing your pajamas and all the things enumerated above along with it in the streets. Inspired by the loungewear of the ’20s and Coco Chanel, this one is here to stay. Yay!

Today is, also, one of those days to post a F*ck it on Instagram (but that’s pretty redundant, right?) and get away. From the phone, in the first place. Just after one more scroll down and I’m done, you know the drill. But. Lucky me and my lucky fingers! For I have bumped into Leandra Medine and, now, my lucky fingers just can’t help but type. We’re all into writing here, trains of thoughts, the sparkles in our going with the flows and feeling goods, ooh.

Leandra, of manrepeller.com, is my partner in crime when putting the pajamas on. At times, I tend to close everything, laptop, phone, and think that I must be coming from another planet or something, but then Leandra pops up and I’m back! Oh, the one or the thing that becomes your reality trick (check)! Pajamas are that!

Almost everyone looks human in pjs. And I bet – I hope! – everyone who gets out of the worldly clothes and into the pajamas feels free in this otherworldly experience. Is this why I hope pjs turn into a thing? Is this why I want to wear pjs all the time? Is this why I love naked so much? 

Hey, you, this is, in part, because of you, too, asking me earlier today, at the coffee shop, whether or not I was wearing one. I wasn’t, but felt that I did.

Have you ever worn you real pajamas, your actual going to bed pajamas anywhere? You didn’t and you call yourself a human? Oh, the joy! It was on a late Saturday evening that I went to pick up my partner in kissing from the airport. My excuse, back then, was the harsh winter that made me wear a floor length puffy jacket and Uggs. Nobody could see or know what was underneath it all: the pjs I had, so cozily, potato couched in before. The thing.

It’s the little things.

Today is, also, Saturday and it’s 10 in the evening. Who cares no one’s going to be online to read this? I just like to know that I did it. This. Aaand I’m going out dancing! It must be the pajamas that I’m in and am about to wear to my favourite club ever. And all the things enumerated above along with it! Streets, club, same.

Hey, child, stay wilder than the wind…

The little things!







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