Do You Like Butter?

April 24, 2019

If you’re still thinking about the answer, then haven’t you ever tried to tear off a morsel from a crisp, slightly warm, delicious bread, in the morning sun, spread the perfect amount of salted butter on it and, then, bite the flawless piece, hear the crunch of the crust meeting your teeth and maybe even collect with your tongue the crumbs around your lips? I’m so happy for you if you haven’t, for you’re about to discover one of the little big things in life. If you have, you feel me and I feel you.

And this feels like Paris.

It’s a process, ouais! Better/butter said, it’s about the process also. The taste and the smell of it all are parts of the intention to give your body food that makes your stomach feel the butterflies, aw. This is on style, btw. Food is a big part of it and it feels good to praise it.

The first time I wore the butter colour head-to-toe – the jacket, the jumpsuit and the sneakers – I, literally, felt like wearing butter head-to-toe only. Am I the bread and the jumpsuit is my butter? I surely felt so.

Nudes seem like a big thing right now. We say right now, but when have bread and butter not been big? People just might pay more attention right now. Tchin-tchin, because bread and butter are here to stay. In our closets and breakfasts forever.

Nudes feel like bed also, no? Like staying in the sheets all day even when not in the sheets all day. Imagination is a funny thing. Do we love our bed or what? Our time with ourselves, with the one. With kids. With a good book or a good movie – oh, a large television in the bedroom, m, m, mm. I haven’t ever had one in mine, but I have a feeling that I will in ours, m, m, mm.

Speaking of the sheets, there’s an interview I remember watching as a teenager, while eating bread and butter, possibly, in the same kind of awe. Brad Pitt on Oprah circa 1998.I grew up associating sheets with Brad Pitt.
Lol, I know.

So, nudes is where we were when Brad Pitt cameoed. Brad, spelled differently, sounds like bread. Life is butter! Wearing these tasty palette feels like butter, bread and Brad all at once. Like indulging in the gentle touch of the morning sun and feeling the butterflies at once. What? Oh, come on! Brad Pitt’s here, so… 

The textures blend with each hue and, together, they turn the whole outfit into something exquisite to eat. Alors, oui, I’m the bread covered completely in salted butter. Federico Fellini once said to never trust a woman who doesn’t like to eat. She is probably lousy in bed. Ladies, back me up here. A man who doesn’t like to eat (exquisitely) is probably lousy in bed, also, hello.

When in the sheets, though, everything matters and we’re, obviously, not talking about perfection here, but about the little things which, in fact, are the big things. Food, the butter colour head-to-toe, hair – your way, just take the highway, nails, shoes – flats, heels, you do you. Proportion brings in harmony. Right now and forever, harmony is the big thing, naturally, perfection. Oops, we are talking about perfection here, after all. In style, food, the sheets.

Just wait until I find my honey. A piece of fine bread, salted butter and honey, mamma mia!

Honey, you say?

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