Ready Or Not, Here I come

March 21, 2019

You can’t hide, gonna find you and take it slowly. You know the lyrics? (1)

(2) Is what my 5 and 4 year old nieces and I say when we play hide-and-seek. Hide is whatever, yet seek spelled differently – sick- is what I would call an outfit that makes myself myself. Sick is a word that’s been sticking around for some time due to artists I have been listening to lately. Sick, stick, some, Solange.

Stories are an important source of cultural learning that help us make sense of the world is something I’d read the other day in the book I am reading right now, Contagious by Jonah Berger.

Stories are what a Saturday evening is about and, sometimes, the stories don’t have to be mind blowing in order to make into the universal catalogue of stories or something. Sometimes, it’s quite on the contrary. Stories happen, seem like very simple and genuine and, still, blow our minds.

I was in my pyjamas while on the phone with my friend, Helen, in her pajamas. We decided on being ready in ten minutes for our about town outing. I wish we took a picture together, because it’s so interesting how we both came out with what was in that particular Saturday night an outfit that made us feel sick in the nicest way there is there. We met and we hugged big time. Genuinely. Us and the clothes we were wearing. This doesn’t really happen very often if you pay a little bit, at least, of attention.

Vibes and clothes.

1. I knew I wanted to wear the culottes I draw a few weeks ago. I draw something, I have it made and then I wear it to see how they feel: the cut, the fabric, the flo. They’re from corduroy and have the name ULTRAmarine Corduroy Culottes from the Party Like There’s No Tomorrow Collection in OZ. I love them for their versatility, feel, easiness, pockets, cut and details.

2. Helen and I decided on no heels, so I knew I wanted to pair the culottes with my black and white Golden Goose sneakers.

3. And a pair of Topshop socks I really like. They feature some glittery stripes, so… Yeah.

4. We had no idea where the night in March was going to take us, so I thought of the long sleeve Tom Tailor Denim white and marine stripes top that would be appropriate in almost any kind of situations without myself freezing under the ultra marine jacket I wear too rarely from the Marni collection for h&m. The metallic and cotton and details and pockets and weird, but cool Marni fit, oh!

5. The one time I entered Zara in the last half of year, I was with the same Helen and I got myself this beaded bag I am very fond of in a very chill kind of way. It’s a bit bohemian, a bit rock, a bit disco, it’s the colours in it. The sparkle.

6. The hair is 50% of it all. Hm, or 40, even 30% here. A high bun would have been just as fun. No, it’s still 50.


The idea is to only put stuff you really like on yourself and it’s either you mix them in your own va-va-voom way and you fly, either you go flo and don’t put anything you don’t really feel on. Fit, fly, flo, feel.


The story of one putting clothes on oneself’s body is one heaven of a story, filled with emotions most of the times. Decisions start to be made the instant one gets out the door only to make the clothes one put on oneself become part of the experiences he chose to took part of. Stories are an important source of cultural learning that help us make sense of the world. Help us make sense of ourselves in the first place, I might add.

Actually, the story of one putting clothes on oneself’s body makes into a very healthy habit that makes one aware of what one has on. It’s a form of expression, let’s not forget. Or a form of play. Or a form of hiding. Hide-and-seek is where we started from.

Helen, imagine us doing this all over again. I will come back here later on with an update to this for sure. Yes, Helen, this is how I am suggesting it and I bet you are smiling and you bet I feel like hugging. I bet you do, too. Somebody stop me. Jk.

What is Pete Davidson doing here? I think he’s one of the persons I heard lately saying sick a lot. He doesn’t here, but who cares?

Not many things blew our minds that Saturday night quite as much as our talk did in the Uber on the way back home at 4 a.m. Just in time to make room for beautiful stories to be written starting Sunday.

Sunday mornings have some sort of sparkle sometimes.

I used to listen to Fugees’ Ready Or Not a lot back in childhood also. And watched the video a lot also.

I still do.

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