Do You Have Riri Days Like This?

October 08, 2015


Days you just wish you could stay in bed and read. And drink black tea with honey. And watch movies. Or music videos. And order pizza. In bed! But you can not. Ewrrr. Yet you would do anything that’s close to it. I know I would.

I will wrap myself up in the most cosiest of the cosiest clothes, let my hair down in a messy (yet chic!) way, grab the coffee and do my best at whateva’ I’m doing.

Like Rihanna did here when hopping off the plane at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris for the – oui! – #pfw.


Her allure screams (not the most suitable word here) cozy and cool. Even in black. Or most of all in black, in the no-muss-no-fuss black. Sexy black. Don’t you find that sexy? I do. Sexy as hell. The cut of her baggy sweatpants and hoodie goes beyond her body, having the pants flowing on the ground (few people could do that no matter where they live on this planet) and the sleeves dangling. Chilling.

Don’t go and criticise now. Or do. Whatever. But! This is Vetements designing while having everyone in Paris, last week, talk about, applaud and crave for it! These are the new kids on the block, literally, and they know their s*it. So good, that the head of it, Demna Gvasalia was announced as the artistic director to replace Alexander Wang at Balenciaga.

Stay tuned as the hoodie is, yet again, back!

Oh, and by the way, just fyi, I am writing this from the top of my bed.

Should I say this is due to the terrible cold I have for weeks now? Neah, I’ll let you imagine I am just randomly doing this on a Thursday like a boss. Come on, dream with me!


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