Do You Have Riri Days Like This?

October 08, 2015


Days you wish you could stay in bed and read. And drink black tea with honey. And watch movies. And music videos. And order pizza. In bed! But you can not. Ewrrr. When you can’t do all of the above, because you have to get out and… something, you’d do anything to be in close vicinity, to say the least, to the mood all of the above encompass. I know I would.

Today is one those days, so I’ll wrap myself in the coziest clothes ever, let my hair down in a messy (yet chic, my kind of chic) way, grab the coffee, be my best and do my best, no matter the weather. Like Rihanna did here, hopping off the plane, at Charles De Gaulle airport, in Paris for the – oui! – #pfw.

Her allure screams (not the coziest word) cozy and cool. Even in black. In fact, it’s, precisely, the black that enhances the no muss, no fuss. Sexy black. Don’t you find it sexy? I know I do. Sexy as hell. The cut of the baggy sweatpants, the hoodie… They stretch out the body and propel it to stratosphere. She flows, it flows. The sleeves are dangling. The trousers are streaming, on the ground. It might seem tough to let our pants do that, it might seem tough to let ourselves do that, we’re all careful not to, but it’s not impossible, it’s possible, we’re just used to thinking that it’s not right for us to let ourselves do that. People say it’s not bla bla. People say it’s bla bla. Sometimes, however, it’s the little bit of impossible that makes it all possible. That puts everything in order. Impossible is I am possible, after all. Chilling. Feeling?

Don’t go and criticise now. Or ever. Or do. Whatever. But! This is the Vetements that, last week, in Paris, everyone was talking about. Pretty inspirational. Riri knows her s*it, so de we and so does Demna Gvasalia, who was freshly announced as the artistic director to replace Alexander Wang, at Balenciaga.

Did you spot the olive green socks, coming out of the furry slippers, and the whole combo coming out of Rihanna and Rihanna coming out of the plane? Read all these in reverse to get a glimpse, once again, of the power our toes own. Your toes are smiling, now, right back at ya. You did look at them and you did smile. You did not?! I know I did. Look. And smile. I know they did, too.

I’m writing this, however, from guess where, my bed! It’s the chicken and the egg. Come on, dream with me!

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Later edit, seven years later edit, the picture of pregnant Riri, wearing pink, all over the place, just as cozy, but like a princess, popped up. When Riri likes something, Riri loves something. Cozy is a word I adore. Hm, what else?