Be You Or Be Them? Duh.

October 25, 2015

It is said that no one enters your life for no reason. The link might be so subtle that you might not even think there is one. And it, always, is one. The one.

What if it’s the same with clothes?



Maybe try not to get the white Stan Smith Adidas sneakers only to fit in.


It’s been one of the fashion world statements for some time now. You have them and, boom, the world knows and, boom, the world is at peace. Are you at peace? If you truly adore them, then I feel you. But if you haven’t even considered whether you are, absolutely, in love with them or not, but you do get them and wear them because the world needs to be at peace, then, my friend, you’d better start googling peace.


It’s the same with people, just like in the statement we started with.

Do you wanna be the same as everybody else?, a great friend asked me, in my pursuit of a “famous” pair of sneakers. Some kind of New Balance almost everyone, casually, but no that casually, had and wore casually, not that casually, I’m stopping here. I stopped, looked him in the eyes and thought for a second. Sometimes, you almost give in and, man, do we give in when we think we like something or what? Who cares if every person in the world wants what you think you want, too? Think no further than, let’s say… McDonald’s. 

F*ck no!, I responded, of course. I didn’t like the sneakers quite as much as I liked McDonald’s. It’s hard to see what you really want when so many people seem to like the same thing. You start to gravitate. But, then, you stop and know exactly what you want. I, for instance, bumped into a pair of dotted Nikes. Randomly. And nothing is random, anyway.

The friend? The friendship happened so genuinely that this is the first time I get to realise just how genuinely it did happen.

Find yourself and then the clothes (and shoes) will find you. Well, that would be super easy, but you know what I mean. If you don’t, you might consider googling ‘find yourself’.

Great, now I’m really never getting these. Straight face emoji. It’s OK, I never actually liked, liked, liked these. Ok, I might have when All Saints wore them somewhere, I will admit, they grew on me a bit. I never, however, liked bandage dresses either. No Ok, I might have when… here.

But oh, when I like, like something! I stare, stare!


Why get the “what everybody wants” anyway? I guess it’s easier for the world. Peace. It skips the starring part and your heart doesn’t get to skip a beat. But that’s the fun part! Isn’t that what gives one peace?

Let your mind be free and let it be. Just sayin’. And right as I said that, I bumped into a photo of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy wearing this particular pair of sneakers and my heart melted. So. I might be wearing them when they’re completely out of the normcore. They have a Wikipedia page, after all. In 1963, the first Adidas tennis shoe was produced, which was the first ever leather tennis shoe and marked the beginning of a long line of classic Adidas shoes. Adidas Stan Smith is a tennis shoe made by Adidas, and first launched in 1965. Originally named “Adidas Robert Haillet” after the brand endorsed French prominent player Robert Haillet, in 1978 the sneakers were renamed after Stan Smith, an American tennis player who was active between the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1980s.



All Saints
Never Ever