Blue Jeans And Genes

September 22, 2015

This is a story about blue jeans. This is a story I carry around with me every time I wear this particular pair of jeans and I wear it a lot.

The coffee is just an excuse. For you to stop at your favourite coffee shop before work. For you to have a couple of minutes just for you and your coffee, for that first sniff, first taste, first sip, and the second one, the third and so on. And on. For you to party more. Harder. Or to play. Work hard, play hard is what they say.

Or to take pictures, or have your friend do it for you, yay! In other words, it’s simply the best! When the coffee is. The best!

Hello there!

My name is Cristina Pavelescu and I saved these blue jeans from the pile of clothes my mom had prepared to give away. There hasn’t been a single day since without a thank you note from – now – my jeans or a beat skipped by my heart every time I’m in them. It’s when I bow down. Oui, I do. When I wear them, I feel like I wear all the memories I treasure in them. Additionally, my mom’s vibe in them is what I find pretty special about them. I liked it.

In fact, I remind her so much of her memories when she sees me in them, that she wants to, at times, borrow and wear them. Ha! It’s the subtle smile that gives her away, the can’t-really-hide smile that sparkles her face and I know. I just know. You know?


But where were we? Oui, coffee. Right. Coffee.


Update a vintage piece with a fresh piece, yeah, yeah, but it’s not only about that. It’s never about just one rule or any rule and this is what Oz in Paris is all about! The disco sandals make up their own dance floor wherever they take you and you take them, the jeans always have their back. The bright orange stripped tee brings in the holiday thingy-thing even when no one said anything about any holiday, but just imagine what all these could do on a proper one. A proper holiday. I know I imagined it all in the glance I put all these on me. A walking holiday. The classic Wayfarers are classic and a touch of classic brings in class. You’re welcome. The locket of a girl and a boy kissing turns this whole thing into a romantic story and this is how we all live happily ever after. Coffee anyone?

It was the excuse we started with, remember? You don’t? Then you, desperately, need a good coffee to make your brain fit you better than your favourite sweater.