Blue Jeans And Genes

September 22, 2015

The coffee is just an excuse. For you to stop at your favourite coffee shop. For you to have a couple of minutes just for you and your coffee, for that first sniff, first taste, first sip. And the second, and the third and so on. And on. Just like in the video here. For you to party more. Harder. Or to play. Work hard, play hard is what they say.


Or just for you to take pictures or have your friend do it for you. Yaaay.

Rephrase. It’s simply the best! When the coffee is. The best!

And the jeans!


Hello there!

These blue jeans were saved by me from my mom’s clothes to be given away and a day has not yet gone by without the jeans thanking me and myself thinking about happily wearing them. When wearing them, I’m wearing all my memories in them. But, most of all, I’m wearing my mom’s vibe in them from before she would had even thought of giving them away.

In fact, I remind her so much of her memories, that she sometimes borrows them from me – ha! – and then the subtle (can’t-really-hide) smile sets on her face and I know. I just know. You know?


But where were we? Yeah, coffee.

Right. Coffee.


Update a piece of vintage with a piece of “now”. Some disco sandals just to, unintentionally, stay in the same disco area with the jeans and everything. Or is it the area that just won’t leave my side? Oh, don’t you ever! You area.

And the striped tee, classic Wayfarers and coffee.

Why? The excuse, remember?

You don’t? Then you desperately need a good coffee.

PS: and I am still looking for that new pair of perfect blue jeans that would fit me better than my favourite sweater.

In your mailbox would be ideal, yet in your e-mail is pretty close, yay!
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