August 27, 2015

Man, this chick is hot! And a total ecosystem of its own! I bet she likes to party and is, always, ready for a music festival somewhere, somewhen, somehow.


And I’m not even into the boots-in-summer thing, but this chick does the thing so good that I’m rethinking the whole thing. We can’t even see the boots, but I bet she has some boots on. Don’t you?

So, it’s super hot outside and everybody’s getting sweaty, but the boots are here, standing in the doorway, at home, in the middle of summer, and we put them on, on our way out. Easy. Comfy. Our thing. Oh well, the things people have in their doorways. In summer.

Head-to-toe perfection. Hair, sunglasses, lipstick.

Pause here.

Red lipstick on dark or tanned skin is so, so good! Although most would think that it’s not. Most would associate it with pale white. Ph! Try it in summer or thumbs up to you, brown skin girl. Or boy.. Not much make-up on. Almost at all. Or at all. And red, matte lipstick. Man! Note: the attitude, chicks, the attitude to it is the key. If you don’t feel it, don’t do it. Pick grey. Just kidding.

Moving on.

The t-shirt is bit spooky (?!) (unless you’re an Iron Maiden fan), but the colours in it and the 1000 times you bet she’d worn it makes it so damn cool. It’s an effect I know I’m looking for, at times. It’s the stories things you wore a million tell.

The shorts are there to complement the whole va-va-voom in the perfect (here) shade of jeans. Mm.

The nails are yummy. And those things on the forearms. I don’t know what those are, but they are here to say Hey! and wink.


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