Surfboard, Surfboard

August 25, 2015

The unexpected was so good that it turned the holiday I thought was only for him and me into a thing I had to do something about. Share. Sharing is caring, hello. You must know the drill by now, you’re one of us here, in our own emerald city of Oz. Aw. You know what I mean, I’m blushing and my hair was at home, at last. I’d printed SURFBOARD on a sweat I really liked, after all. So.


Moving on. I enjoyed being aware of our time on the beach. No internet, barely any mobile service, only books and magazines that take a third of the suitcase and yet don’t succeed in taking any of your time. I guess books and magazines like to travel, too. And sunscreen! And sun!

And wind!!!, he would say as he would become the straight face emoji. I was in smitten with it.


There’s always something about the idea of an island. I love it by default, so imagine my surprise when we got to a place that is an island in winter, when the water level is high enough, and a tiny peninsula of another island, Rodos, in summer, when the water level is yes, yes. It’s summer, so it’s the peninsula called Prasonisi that we stepped and all of this was born on. The home of the wind, he would say. And I’d be Let’s staaay. And he’d be Okaaay…. And I’d be Oh yaaay!!!


Fun fact! The Aegean Sea is on its right, with big waves, professional surfers, and the Mediterranean Sea is on its left, with flatter water, beginner surfers. We were no riders, but will be some – praying emoji – someday. My hair has always been a pro surfer. So.

the Aegean on the right, the Mediterranean on the left
The Aegean on the right, the Mediterranean on the left
the Aegean on the right, the Mediterranean on the left
The Aegean on the right, the Mediterranean on the left



Prasonisi is good for windsurfing, kitesurfing and for – music to my ears – surfing. Birdwatching, surfwatching, same. No phones, no music (!!!)(what?!?!), no books, no magazines, nothing. The wind was too strong. Wink. Just the sun, the sea, the cool crowd and the vans. Because yes, you can camp here. And wear Vans. Lol. Hm.


This feeling of freedom here...
This feeling of freedom here…

That is if you absolutely love the wind!, said he. The truth is that, as soon as we left Prasonisi – we were only there for a day, but what a day – I felt like something was missing. It was not the freedom feeling; that I kept with me. The wind seemed to have entered my head and blown up everything in it. Oh, the noise was missing. Back in the car, the newfound silence made me feel like I was reborn or something. It was a sure thing. I fell in love with the strong wind.

Finally!, said he, once in the car.

But there’s something in the wind, too…, said I.


Take pictures with your eyes, let your mind flow, your heart knows, are you close?