Never Ever Turned Into Forever

January 06, 2016

They tell you about the style evolution, from not so cool to cool (which is awesome anyway) of Victoria Beckham, of Rihanna or of the boy bands. Now and then. But it would have been no news on All Saints’ style evolution. They just went from cool too cooler (which is awesomeness). All Saints! Not the British fashion retailer, but the British-Canadian girl pop quartet founded in 1995.

1995, ma’ friend.

They would have not only been able to not mock on their “style evolution”, but they couldn’t have said a mocking word about their music either. So, basically, they would just shut up. Because All Saints were and are so cool that All Saints could just shut up and still be so efing cool.

Have you seen To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)? Oh, but you should, you are awesome, hello!



Moreover, who in this world could do the cover of Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ Under the bridge and be hot?! Hot as the Chillis! A cover played equally as many times on the radio as the Peppers’ version? And be considered as cool at the RHCP? No one. Or very, very few.


All Saints used to look and be cool then just as much as they would now if they were to wear the same clothes from back in the days. And to sing that exact same music as they used to when we were all writing the lyrics of Never Ever on the lockers’ walls in high school.

You weren’t?!

If they only knew then that Never Ever would, eventually, turn into forever.

They’ve always been here.

Still the '90s, ma' friend
Still the ’90s, ma’ friend

I still turn up the volume each time I hear A few questions that I need to know… on VH1 (or car radio), go in front of the tv and dance and sing. Just like I used to back in high school. Just like they do. Easily. Joyfully.

You don’t? Big eyed emoji.

If you do, though, and you are still reading this, then you know. And you care. And since you care, you must know that on the 8th of April, Red Flag is coming out, their fourth studio album.


My favourite used to be Melanie Blatt. Nicole Appleton was Robbie Williams’ girlfriend. No regrets was written for her and I love Robbie’s No regrets. The drama. We all love (and live one way or another) the drama. Natalie Appleton seems like a really nice bff to hang out with. Shaznay Lewis wore braces when braces were not even cool.


All their videos are cool. Even my brother says they’re cool. And my brother is so cool.

The Never Ever below. I remember dreaming of becoming a grown up just like the kind of grown ups I was watching having fun by the pool in the video on VH1 when I was a child.

Or War Of Nerves or All Hooked Up, Chick Fit, Under The Bridge, Pure Shores, Bootie Call, Black Coffee.

All Saints – Never Ever

I think I see them even hotter now then I used to ten years ago. They have been continuing to do what they have always liked to.

Then & now:


As of March 2013, Never Ever is the second best selling single by a girl group of all time in the UK, only behind Spice Girls’ Wannabe. Obviously. Nothing wrong with that, though, since this is signed by a former Spice Girls’ fan. My favourite was Victoria.


Later edit 1: half a year later after writing all of the above and still true… Look at that light.


Later edit 2: Don’t you just love their loving on their Instagram accounts? True love is such a rare thing these days. I guess it always has been. But then you find it and you hold on to it. Forever. Turned from Never Ever.

Can’t wait for the Later edit 3

Here it is: All Saints are back with a new album Testament (2018), out now. Includes the singles Love Lasts Forever and After All.


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