The Waves And Days That Take Us Places

September 18, 2017

Most people see the world only in the physical, but it requires supernatural faith and real presence for wonderful things to happen.

The days that make us feel alive are like waves or roller coasters. Like fireworks or kisses. We are the lucky ones to feel the joy someone must have had while creating the beauty our eyes can’t get enough of now. Wow. Now. Wow.

Every day is the day.

Aldous Huxley’s The Island happens to be in my hands at the time this mental note is being taken. Whereas the book is about this ideal, secret place on earth, called Pala, it could also be about the place each of us has on earth and the life each of us co-creates in it.

Or about the head each of us has on our shoulders.

Just as ideal. This does not mean perfect. It means the best we can do in everything. You might want to roll your eyes, but your eyes don’t want to. Because they know. They can see the beauty of it all and they don’t want you to just think there could be it, they want you to live it. It only depends on you for you to see things as they are. Beautiful.

To continuously take pictures with your eyes. Pictures take you to the memories, the laughter, the heart.

When I was a child and went on Summer holidays with my family, my dad, brother and I would go straight into the big, splashing waves. My mom would stay on the beach and watch us, before coming in herself. The laughter we used to have in the foamy waters was so genuine that I can still hear it in my mind. Aloud. Cheerful. Loving. Fun. I was the little one, so, obviously, the one thrown straight into the waves. I would come back and hold on tight to them. On and on again. Just like a monkey would. And then they would jump with me, attached to them, over the waves or underneath them. Sometimes, when I fell off, I could barely touch the sand, but it felt so safe.

Maybe that’s why my today’s love for waves. Days.


And fun.


At other times, they talked, still in the water, and I watched them, listened and held their hands, and they lifted me up above the wave, talking forwards. I still had so much fun on my own or with the waves. Just knowing my father and brother were beside me.

As we grow up, we start to live on our own as grown-ups (or something) and transform the life of today, eventually, into memories. Today’s waves. Our lives and the people around us. Today is a memory already. The second that passed is one already. Today could be a mental note we could remember of many years from now, one late Summer. You could be a beautiful part of someone’s note. Story. Life.

We live our lives as it’s forever sometimes.

Other times, we look back and, without even realising, smile when a memory comes to mind. Being constantly aware of everything is not always the way, though. Just on the contrary. Occasionally, loosing it for a bit makes us live more than when thinking about it. We loose it and then it hits us. An idea, a moment in time, love. Naturally. Just feeling and not at all thinking. That’s what aware actually means, in fact.

And then you think at night, with your eyes closed, your head on the pillow.

And you smile.

We live most of our lives inside of our heads, so let’s make sure it’s a nice place to be.

As I was reading, laying and all on the beach, absorbing, an elderly gentleman just walked by. He seemed to be rushing and, just for a fraction of a second, I thought someone rushing like that on a – it seems like stranded in the whole universe – beach? 

Back into the book.

A couple of seconds later, though, somewhere not so far away, the gentleman rushed into the waves. Naked. I couldn’t help but smile and enjoy his joy from a distance. It was just him, the sea, the waves, the sky.

The little things, basically.

A few minutes later, the gentleman walked back. Rushing again. Smiling. Happy.

We have been given the stars, the sun, the moon and the fun all at once, man.

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