It’s All About The Smile

July 17, 2017

***This is on style, too.***

And eyes, yes. The eyes, however, you have to see them live in order to see how alive the one looking at you is or to see straight intro their soul and know, you just know. The smile, though, you can see it from afar and whereas live, circumstances permitting, is the most wonderful way to do it, on tv is not that bad either when it is Roger Federer the one who’s smiling. 

This said at a time when the media is head over heels for Federer’s record eighth Wimbledon title. Roger Federer stands tallest of all as Wimbledon’s history man, The Guardian. Roger Federer, the greatest-ever athlete across all sports after Wimbledon triumph, ABCThis was Roger Federer’s best ever Wimbledon… Now it is undisputed he is the best to ever grace the game, Daily Mail.

Moreover, it is something else in the air. It is him being so genuinely human rather than him breaking down records or mastering a super technique or having superpowers. It is a fact that he is considered today, at 35, the greatest tennis player of all times, but it must be his realness at heart that got him into all of our hearts. He is what he is and he does what he does at the highest frequency possible.

Even when he smiles. Or it is rather the smile that makes him the kind of man he is today.

Because a smile can tell everything about someone if one just pays attention and and if the one paying attention can see through someone while someone smiles and one, too, likes paying attention, then someone and one are both lunatics and that’s a great, yet rare, yet great thing. Staring is not even involved. It’s a couple of seconds. It’s a feeling. It hits one. All of a sudden. That’s a situation.

Another one is just like the one in the video.

In any of the two, a smile creates a certain energy that is being released into the universe and it creates a moment of synergy. Something one can not fight and only possible when everything comes genuinely. Just like when we were all kids and didn’t have any barriers or fears. If you now say “Worries, too, hello!”, please remember that smiling and being human is always available, regardless of the circumstances, inside of you.

The video above dates back from 2010 and Nadal was climbing up the ladder. He succeeded in reaching the top – he is one the best, too – but once there he seems to have lost his way to find himself on the same chair next to Federer and stupidly smile. Metaphorically speaking. Sadly, his nowadays smile is not that genuine anymore. Why? It affects friendships. It affects relationships. Think less, stupid more, a brand once used to say.

Rivalry can not even be considered as an option for the answer.

2017. Roger Federer wins the trophy at the Australian Open.

May it ultimately be about the love of life? Or the passion for what we’re doing? Or the person we come home to? Or the world we create around us? Or is it just a matter of genetics? If it’s about anatomy only and we are energy and smile is energy, we can be who we want to be and we can do what we want to do.

Obviously we can not ha-ha at all times, but we should never forget how to smile from the heart. And then bump into the lunatic we can laugh stupidly with. Or just be.

And obviously it’s not a matter of perfect teeth – though taking care of them is a must, they don’t call it diamonds for nothing after all – because smiling is also about sparkling eyes, is about losing control, is about butterflies, is about the soul. Hello.

It’s light.

And sometimes, just sometimes, it might be someone or something that takes one places and one finds oneself smiling inside out like one has never before. Because sometimes, just sometimes, it is someone or something that “sees” in one a thing not even one has seen in oneself before. And it’s not even about how good or bad the jokes are. It’s that something else.

La luna.

For Roger, it is tennis that makes him so passionate and thus one of the very few who does what he does out of pleasure in the first place. Because the rest of Federer is wonderfully shared by Federer himself with the world he chooses to live in. In the meantime, we can see him perform, being as humble as ever, smile and giving fun interviews. Below.

***And, of course, we can believe. We can dream.***

Roger Federer has style and we are not even talking fashion here.

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