The Hair And The Crown

January 16, 2019

What do you do to your hair so that it’s always this way? Almost instantly, the answer came out: I just love it!

Untitled(Crown), 1982, Jean-Michel Basquiat

Hair is 50% – if not even more – of the outfit. If not even 50% of the style altogether. Of the fashion style if not even of the lifestyle. While I’m thinking about hair, style, life and putting them next to each other on paper, I can see them complementing each other. If not even was my brain typing directly, skipping everything all together or focusing on everything, all at once. It’s called a train of thought and it can’t be stopped. Nor can the idea that everything connects and treating people with kindness helps.

This started with The Hair.

Hair, to me, has always been the lover, one of my best friends or… Part of the family. Because family is a part of me. Just as the hair is. Newsflash! The hair is a part of us literally, so why don’t treat it as such? As a brother or a boyfriend (that’s not the same thing, Cristina, precisely, I would reply), depending on hair’s mood, which, ultimately, comes down to my mood. I don’t think I’ve ever done my hair the same twice. It has to be just a little bit different. Not on purpose, we just let each other surprise each other every time. Depending on how much attention I pay to it (and what comes out, in the end, as a hairstyle) and what the hair, genuinely, wants to be (hopefully hairstyle).

When I first saw The Weeknd in the Earned It video, I thought Uh, here’s a Basquiat fan, but also Hm… Basquiat… In 2018, when Jay-Z popped up on my Instagram vacationing with Beyoncé while On The Run II, I told myself Uh, there’s another one! And again Hm… Basquiat... I’d forgotten that in 2014, Jay-Z disguised himself as Jean-Michael Basquiat or about the video below.


Many of the people who let their hair grow, fans or no fans of Basquiat, are most definitely fans of hair. Since they let it grow. The hair is 50% – if not even more – of the personality. Dreadlocks, short, coloured, not coloured, curly, straightened out, straight, volume, no volume, white (a statement very en vogue, a few years ago), pulled up in a bun (ballerinas immediately came up to my mind), hair to play with (France24 news anchors), full of spray hair (almost all of the news anchors in South Eastern Europe, for instance), done, not done, in layers, carré and if we think about it more, around seven billion types of hair, cuts, textures, colours. Hallelujah!

We could make a whole new chapter out of HAIR only. Hm!

Hair, natural and clean, done and clean, represents us just as we represent it. We hold hands. Jean-Michel Basquiat, because it is from him that we sort of lift off, has always had this iconic allure that up until today, through photographs and documentaries, is, still, so fresh. The truth is always fresh.

And sexy.

And then, when you’re a Basquiat fan and you’re, also, true to yourself, Basquiat’s hair becomes a message you, at first, send out to yourself and, then, to everybody else. It took about fifty years for Jay-Z to decide and let his hair grow, but it came in such a natural way, that it seems like no other era would have suited him quite like this one did! He pays attention to it. To hair. To him. To her.

On the masculine side.

On the feminine one, it’s Beyoncé, for instance, with super hair and a fan (isn’t it a bit strange how a ventilator is also called a fan, lol?), hello! From the front, from the sides, from everywhere when she’s performing on stage. There’s always a fan that amplifies the effect the hair can have. I heard her, once, saying that she loves being near the ocean and maybe this is, in fact, the effect she wants on stage. Now, if it also makes her hair fly, hello, who wouldn’t like that? Who doesn’t like the ocean?

Imagination is key.

But so is passion.

It was during brunch, on a Sunday morning with friends, post one Saturday party, wonderful late Winter light outside, teas and desserts on the table inside, prosecco thcin-tchining, that a friend of a friend asked me: Cristina, what do you do to your hair so that it’s always this way? The table was long, full of people and we were facing each other from the two most far away, diametrically opposed seats at it. Almost instantly, the answer came out: I just love it!

I filmed the next video while on a snowboard vacation, four years ago. I made it for my girlfriends that ask me how do I do my hair. The photograph from WHY OZ AND WHY IN PARIS was took then.

The idea that everything connects and treat people with kindness helps. Ouais!

Amid the last days in Kitzbühel, I wanted to stay inside, in the chalet, enjoy the muscle soreness, listen to music, drink black tea with honey, dance, take a hot shower and snuggle into soft clothes. Perfect set to do my hair! The method in the video is one of the methods I’m, still, using and it, still, takes me around ten minutes to be ready.

Random has some very beautiful meanings.

Above, I used a rotating brush. Another method includes a blowdryer and a brush. Like at the salon, but not really.

Stay tuned.

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