Baby Driver, Vroom-Vroom

November 22, 2018

Style is when one owns it and doesn’t let anything get in the way of one’s own music. The better one knows oneself, the nicer everything one does is. It’s when harmony becomes the ? driver ? of the one who always remembers about what being a ? baby ? is like and originality shows up.

Style is a ride to truth, truth is permanent and powerful, and, thus, everything else falls by the wayside. The ride might be long and bumpy or short and peculiar, but it’s one of the most beautiful rides ever! A cinematic joyride, both in life and Baby Driver, directed by Edgar Wright.

One might not get it right the first, nor the second, nor who knows what time around, but the mere fact that one is on the ride lights up the ride so brightly that one can, actually, see the light at the end of it. Now one wants to feel it. Bask in it. I’m smiling, too, as I’m writing this. It’s when magic comes in that one might think one’s done. It’s, in fact, when one has just begun.

Vroom-vroom. Whoever thinks Baby Driver is just too romantic, whoever has never been in love. Awm.

ansel elgort

The first time I saw it, I didn’t quite pay attention to it. I learned to understand that, sometimes, when something super natural happens, it’s very often that one doesn’t even process it all because the only thing one does, in that very moment, is just live and stop thinking.

There’s a moment in life when you feel you start to live.

The second time around, though, when I realised what I’d seen the first time, it literally blew my mind as only a specific kind of things can do. Actually, this kind of things start to happen the moment you might think you’re done, but, in fact, you’ve just begun. To have fun with your style.

The style Baby has in Baby Driver might seem so simple that it might not even seem worth mentioning about and, yet, is everything. Style might refer to clothes, in the first place, but then, style means every single thing we do and say, how we do every single thing and say. Style is attitude and attitude can never be taken away from one. Nor imitated, nor faked.

Shall we dance? Yes.

A toast to the Universe? Oh, baby!

A movie is all about style and style is about clothes, also, yes, of course. And hair. Nice, neat jackets, clean cut denim, crisp, cool t-shirts, freshness, colours, beautifully built characters. No noise, just music.

Speaking of music, have you ever thought of your lucky songs? I have after seeing Baby Driver. I knew what songs create special wavebands inside of me, no matter the weather or place, yet haven’t considered them to be my lucky ones. I do now.

Is this a proposition for you to watch the film? Yes. Is this an invitation to a date with your style? Could be. Is this a reminder for us to open our eyes and see that one of the most important days in our life begins and we might want to tchin-tchin? Could be. It’s life and we’re on a treasure hunt, vroom-vroom.

Or, you know, Baby Driver has just inspired me the way only a specific kind of things can do.