Jumpsuits Are Fun No Matter The Weather. 3 Ways To Wear 1

February 22, 2019

I used to associate jumpsuits with spring and summer until not so long ago when a jumpsuit resembled jumping up with joy and sunshine for fall and winter, too, yay. The cold weather might be a key factor, though, when deciding whether or not to wear a jumpsuit on a chilly day in February, let’s say. Entirely undressing in the ladies’ room is anything but jumping up with joy and sunshine, yet the ways one could wear a jumpsuit in cold weather might make one get pretty creative, yayay.


Jumpsuits resemble jumping up with joy and sunshine no matter the weather. Even into two years of owning the jumpsuit. Is this love? Yes, it is.

We all carry creativity within us, it’s a matter of tapping into it, start paying attention to it or, simply, be grateful for and enjoy it like there’s no tomorrow. And jump. The abundance of ways to wear a jumpsuit is not only mesmerising for one’s own entertainment, but is also an ode to ways one can enjoy the little things in life. Starting with oneself.

In the lift. Avoid jumping in lifts, however, and wear a jumpsuit. It might do the trick.

The joy!

The sunshine!


1. Oh, gotta rush out to a modern symphonic concert, on a Sunday night, and don’t know what to wear? The jumpsuit; I’m covered. The wool keeps me warm and covered (underlining the benefits of owning a saviour jumpsuit, yes), the pretty loose cut and mixture of colours make it pretty elegant for a concert on a Sunday night. Especially when accompanied by low heeled black suede boots, a crisp white t-shirt underneath, the dark blue fur vest and it all squeezed together by a glam-rock leather Sonia Rykiel belt at the waist. The hoop earrings are a touch of something-something. Are a feeling! The pockets always come in handy for the hands, in the first place. For phone, keys and a card, in the second place.

2. A long day ahead, going from one kind of place to another and deciding, from early in the morning, on a high bun and the jumpsuit? Yes. The benefits of owning a saviour jumpsuit are numerous; the coolest one is that it covers you up, all of a sudden, from head to toe. Easy. And it gets you naked in no time. Freezing, if you know what I mean, whilst in the the ladies’ room, lol.

These fine lines are something-something.

Dark blue is one of the colours in the checks of the jumpsuit, so adding a fluffy, fine, electric blue scarf keeps something going there and always elevates blonde bangs. The red nail polish and the biker jacket are there to get us all places – red + biker = vroom-vroom. Another kind of dark blue – suede, Nikes – makes it all groovy and the suede brown bag melts everything in a something-something way. Just do it your way, yayay!

3. I enjoyed the way the electric blue had electrified the jumpsuit before, so now, the big electric blue bag makes even more sense to me. Big is the coat, also. Checks are on the coat, also.

Something + Something = SomethingSomething

The hair hugged by the black, soft scarf is just in place for the high black and white sneakers to ground it all together with just the right amount of white.

 All engine running, lift off, we have a lift off is a lyric from Jay-Z, Kanye West and Beyoncé’s Lift Off.

So is We gon’ take it to the moon, take it to the stars…

In your mailbox would be ideal, yet in your e-mail is pretty close, yay!
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