What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

June 02, 2017

If ever.

Dancing on the dance floor wasn’t enough, so she wanted the whole thing, she wanted the turntables, she wanted to be the DJ. Literally. So she is, as seen on her Instagram account. Ladies and gentlemen, here to entertain us, is @dariamalygina, whoop!  

Social media can do for us and our minds the tricks we use to get to somehow have a clue about someone. It is very rarely that an account seems real or the person owning it does. With IG these days, you don’t know anymore. People are buying followers, what is that? Well, if someone’s having fun, to say the least, then I guess it is whatever.

Daria here, she seems real. Fun. Enjoying fashion and a precise styling she does for herself. She likes to dance and we should all meet her or, at least, follow her account. And dance. Always.

Somebody stop me. Surfboard, surfboard.

I do love girls (girfrieeeends). True ones. True, genuinely nice, kind and – on top – super good looking girls and I am not talking models – though this post is about one and I love models – but girls who just do their thing, minding their own business and being super good at it. At just being cool.

You know? Like back in the days when social media didn’t even exist, although if it weren’t for Instagram, I wouldn’t have now and then bumped into this one right here:

No muss, no fuss, always a joy. I don’t know if it’s thanks to the filter she’s using (or her team or smth, you don’t know these days anymore) or the fact that she’s actually a DJ on a daily basis, when she is not modelling. It must be the music. It must be the dance.

The skateboard.

Surfboard, surfboard, jk.

Her pictures are all I know about Daria and the music she posts I might eventually listen to and, frankly, do I need more? There is a very slight possibility for me to actually meet Daria or who knows, you don’t know anymore, remember? We like a lot of people or not that many actually, on IG, we can’t stalk and hunt each and every one of them down, get to know everything. Why would we? That only happens when we can’t sleep and our heart is racing.

I mean I like Daria, but our relationship is what it is. A long distance relationship. Myself watching her account, getting a cool vibe from it, imaginary “high-fiving” her and, well, move on. To reality or not.

“Slight possibility”? She’s a DJ and I like to dance. So “slight” my ass, hello?

In your mailbox would be ideal, yet in your e-mail is pretty close, yay!
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