If George Michael Has Faith, We Do, Too

March 15, 2016

Have you ever asked yourself what kind of music you could listen to, day and night, not like on and on again, but like if I were to wake you up at 3am with some music, what would be the music that wouldn’t make you want to, instantly, throw a pillow at me?

You would, most probably, throw a pillow at me, anyway, but still, what would that music be? I’ve been asking this myself, for some time now, just to see if the answer is the same and it is. George Michael all the way.

It’s the same with clothes. There are clothes that you’d throw on you, at any time, and feel good in under whatever circumstances. Those, usually, are the clothes that define your style.

What image of George Michael comes to your mind first? Your mind. Fast, fast, fast. First! Exactly!

The cross earring, the biker jacket and that hair. Would you have said the cross earring only? No, of course not. The image of him just flashed before our eyes, a couple of seconds ago, and it was all of it: Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou a.k.a. George Michael, born in London to a Greek father and an English mother.

Not to mention, but hey, those aviators andthat intense look! Hey, but that’s just me and Father Figure is one of my all time favourite songs.


He was so into singing that he didn’t care about what he wore – or at least this is what it seemed like – and kept on wearing the same things. Put together, they created something so authentic that it, eventually, turned into the iconic style we’ve been in awe of. Even though it was his music first, that kind of style can only be pulled off by someone who enjoys fashion and its magic. I mean, he was the only one to have had five supermodels in one video alone and take the day of the fiming off. That’s right. Too many ts in here for us not to think of taking off, right?   

directed by
David Fincher.

He had to show up in Too Funky (directed by Thierry Mugler), though, just for the world to see what Beyonce‘s bodysuit would look like twenty years later.


Faith not only became one of his greatest hits, but propelled the Levi’s 501 to stardom, God bless that day!


One More Try is now playing, in the background, and it’s proof that style doesn’t mean clothes only.


But then, there he is in all leather in Fastlove.


In all white in A Different Corner.

No, you are Amazing, George!

And you sang with Whitney!

If I Told You That

Few men…