Everything You Want’s A Dream Away

March 29, 2018

Is a lyric in Coldplay’s Adventure Of A Lifetime. But so is turn your magic on! I wanted a disco ball and, now, I have it. If only it was this simple with our planet being safe and all. It is, it just takes all of us to dream.

Someone once told me that only the lucky ones get to be lucky. I think everyone is lucky as long as everyone acknowledges the mere fact of being alive as lucky, in the first place! The rest is only up to the lucky ones. Everything you want’s a dream away. So if there’s a beautiful, honest, full of heart dream, then we might as well be incredibly lucky as for it to come true.

In great company.

Presumably, everyone wonders, at times, whether it’s possible for something to be true when something is just so good it scares you (somehow)? Might this be the moment to turn the magic on and just believe? There is no other way, anyway, that could be more fun! And when you know you only have room for good things inside, that’s when anything that is good (great) might as well be possible. It’s the magic we had, previously, turned on.

It’s a choice. The most boring way is to be cynical about life, people, magic. The most fun way is to believe and, constantly, be in the light of the universe. Love it just as much as it loves you. Or is it just the other way around?

First, we’re alone. Secondly, we’re in the company of the universe. Thirdly, we are only so lucky as we dream of us to be and in the company we’ve always dreamt of.

A disco ball in my home is something I’ve always wanted, somewhere in the back of my mind. It might have happened during my parents’ or my brother’s parties behind my parents’ backs or my parties that I’d started to inject fun in everything I’ve ever done in life. A disco ball is a reminder of that and, yet again, of a dream away in great company.

Jerry Seinfeld drove, along Chris Rock, a spectacular Arancia Borealis ’66 Lamborghini, in Jerry’s show, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. I bet Jerry Seinfeld believes in dreams like there’s no tomorrow, too.

J: So how do you like the car?
C: I like you, Jerry.
J: Oh thank you, Chris.
C: And I say everything’s about the company. A gourmet meal with an asshole is a horrible mean. A hot dog with an interesting person is an amazing meal.
J: …a great meal.
C: It’s all about the company! If we were in a cab, we’d probably have the same exact conversation.

On one hand.

On the other hand, there’s Christoph Waltz on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and he says: It has to be exquisite to be good. If it’s any less, you might as well skip it. He means humour and we say Amen to that. But we might, as well, mean dreams…

Just sayin’.

This is what I’m saying. And dreaming of.

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