A Look That Kick Starts Your Day

July 04, 2018

And keeps on kicking throughout it is a look that you might file into your memory and bring to light (and life) whenever you wake up and feel like nothing could change your moody mood wannabe day. When, in fact, there is something. The look.

There’s magic in action.

First, send the moody mood away, hello (you’re not Hank Moody, hello), second, see if you feel like dancing in the look and, third, if you really, really look into the look, you’ll see it just might be it when trying to figure out your s*it. Style.

The look that makes you want to dance, isn’t this what style is all about?

The title came up – piece by piece, literally – the second I put the red jeans on. The right pair of red jeans can do miracles sometimes! They’re the magic in the action because you feel like action. The disco sandals were next; needless to say what disco anything does to anyone. The dots printed shirt is here for the party and when you’re, basically, carrying the party on yourself, is there any other thing to do than party all day long? On the inside, of course. I do not own a club or anything, though at some point, fancied about it.

Anyway, The New Yorker bag is either the safety net I might choose to wear when trying to feel all grown up and stuff in a world of grown ups or it, simply, became yet another neutral for me, alongside the blue jeans, bathing suits, black, leopard print or pink.

All of the words constructing the sentences above seem to go hand in hand with the other meaning of the word look.


The look of love; not kidding, hello.

The song below is not about the look-look, but it’s so good to dance and sing along to.

The Look – Metronomy

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