Tingling & Oxytocin

September 17, 2022

Uh, I am, finally, writing! I’ve been stretching loads of phrases in my mind, researching all sorts of stuff, gathering ideas and, still, not dropping by here, finding myself either different excuses or fears of all kinds. I missed… This! And oxytocin is to blame. What? Not bad, huh? Extraordinary, in fact! Since oxytocin was the divine sign for me to just write and I saw the sign, all right! In case you didn’t listen to Dobrovolschi (a cool radio DJ in town) this morning and, therefore, didn’t hear the talk about the oxytocin, you will right now. Here.

Heeere, here, said I, in the opposite tone of Mary Poppins’.

They made me curious this morning, when I was flying to work, basically; the rush hour helped me to. Dobrovolschi and Craioveanu, the other cool DJ on the radio, who, together with the aforementioned one, not only make me laugh on the way to my work, every morning, and I can’t wait to get in my car and drive for, at least, a half an hour to it, but they make me wonder how am I going to quit my job when I love driving to it so much? I love mornings, I love driving, I love listening to wonderful music and I love being curious. Maybe I should make a career out of this instead, Cristina.

So, here I am, investigating the phenomenon. I didn’t even need to go to the greatest length with it, since it was enough for me to, only, discover that oxytocin is the love hormone for me to love it. It’s said that it’s the hormone that our brain releases during the fifth part of the second that we fall in love in (a time frame proven by the British scientists, obviously). The tingling you feel playing up and down your spine, the famous butterflies in your stomach, the psychedelic fog in your mind, the uncontrollable trembling of your knees, the smile you, definitely, can’t hide and your heart that… You know… Is skyrocketing or something, doesn’t have any time to process anything. Well, this is when the oxytocin comes alive.

So cute, said I, in the same, opposite of Mary Poppins’, tone. I’m trying to think of another character, also.

I like to think of the mood these hormones put you in. It is at the highest high that they bring both your soul and your body, at the same time. Quite a ride. Especially since I hug a lot, adore to kiss, bounce for joy. Does this mean that oxytocin is like air to me? Oxytocin is for free, so anyone can have as much of it as anyone wishes for, because we can all love for free. Ideally, anyone is free, too, and this is how the world becomes free. It’s the oxytocin and it’s within us.

For a second there, I had a flashback of the ’70s hippies I heard my parents talking about, I saw in movies and imagined from time to time…

Ghandi said You be the change you want to see in the world (my motto in life, it seems) and I, strongly, believe in it (for it wouldn’t be my motto, otherwise, oui). As hard as it can, sometimes, be, just try to and it will energise you, free you, calm you and, eventually, it will make you you. Why would we hide behind the agitation, complain about how busy we are and choose to be anything but sunshine? Everything passes. Of course, there are exceptions, it’s life, it’s heartbeats, but come on! Dobro said something, one morning, and I felt it entirely: there is no night so strong that a day can’t break.

So, love each other more, kiss each other more, hug each other more (we must hug, at least, 8 times a day each other to be happy, another study says), smile more (in the honest and true way, only, hello), be kind more, look beautifully at each other more, light up your faces, soothe more, anything good that is, in any kind, related to oxytocin… More!

PS: I’d been, enthusiastically, singing while watching Róisín Murphy’s Overpowered long before I’d read about the oxytocin, yet, I have, somehow, always, felt it was something magical in there. Little did I know that something magical was awaiting for me…


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