Style And Stars In Their Beatles Eyes

February 03, 2020

Whoever on the Abbey Road album cover you choose as an inspiration for today, you will feel like a rockstar while, genuinely, having the time of your life. This is what a rockstar does.

Because presence is key.

…What would life be like if we would all choose to be anything we dream of being? A world full of stars, just imagine! And, basically, the life that we are all dreaming of.

The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. With a line-up comprising John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, they are regarded as the most influential band of all time. Not bad, huh?

I got framed the photograph of the cover and hung it on a wall in the bedroom. It is rarely that a day goes by and I don’t, just for a second, smile when I notice yet a new detail about it.

1. I remember the first time I saw that Paul McCartney is barefoot in the picture. While in a suit, untied white shirt, wind in the hair and a cigarette in his hand. We might not go barefoot through the city now, yet we could, totally, inhale and feel the vibe of doing so. The ease.

2. The George Harrison all jeans ensemble is as timeless as The Beatles’ music is and, sometimes, we want to feel like a feather in the air. Blue denim, blue denim shirt, loose hair and – oh – buttery-white boots will, on one hand, make you float like a feather, and, on the other hand, put you in the mood of a style icon. Because all style icons, at some point, did it. Their way!

3. Ringo Starr is the dandy in us coming out every once in a while. It both says that we care about the things that make us…us and lets everyone know we’re funny. Therefore, yeah-yeah-yeah, we’re going to have a blast!

4. John Lennon in all buttery-white, while keeping his hands in the pockets, is both letting the stars come out in our eyes and telling the world Here Comes The Sun.

The trousers of the latter three have similar cuts. It’s a time and a place these soft flared to the ankles trousers marked. Now, whenever we choose to wear this cut, we become part of the history we praise and adore. We Come Together.

The blue sky, in London, on the cover of the 1970 Beatles album, Abbey Road, is, however, that ewmpf! I grasp on everyday. Crossing the street on a crosswalk is, too.

But then there’s the feather…

The Beatles were kind of the dream of how you might be with your friends as you went through life… Is something I heard in the Eight Days A WeekThe Touring Years documentary on Beatles and thought it sumed up their message in the world forever.

Whoopi Goldberg said, in the previous stated documentary, when a friend of hers asked her how come she liked The Beatles:

I never really thought of them as They were the white guys, they were The Beatles. They were colourless and they were fucking amazing. The Beatles gave me this idea that everybody was welcome. If you weren’t the hippest kid in the neighbourhood, it didn’t matter because you could be a Beatles fan. And I liked that. And that sort of carried me into these older days when it’s like I am my own person. I can look the way I want it, I can be the way I want it and it’s ok. And I got that specifically from them.

Mission accomplished.

James Corden once said on The Howard Stern Show that his favourite Carpool Karaoke was the one with Sir Paul McCartney. Well…

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