Style And Stars In Their Beatles Eyes

February 03, 2020

No matter who you choose, from the Abbey Road album cover, as an inspiration for today, you will both feel like a rockstar and have the time of your life. Of course you will, it’s what a rockstar does. Has the time of their life.

Presence is the key. What would life on planet Earth be like if we were all to choose to be the thing we dream of being? Stars all over the place, just imagine!We might make the sun smile. The moon would be thrilled. There’s something about psychedelic rock. Is life but a dream?

The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. With a line-up comprising John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, they are regarded as the most influential band of all time, according to Wikipedia. Not bad, huh?

I got framed the cover and hung it on a wall in the bedroom. It’s rare for a day to go by without a glance of my eyes to be caught by it. Even if only for a second, I smile whenever I notice yet a new detail about it.

1. I remember the first time I saw that Paul McCartney is barefoot in the picture. Fancy a suit, an untied white shirt, hair in the wind and a cigarette in your hand? An apple, maybe? We all know just how fabulous barefoot truly feels. Inhale the vibe. Exhale. Ooh, the ease.

2. The George Harrison all denim ensemble is as timeless as the band’s music is and, sometimes, we want to feel like a feather in the air. Blue denim trousers, blue denim shirt, loose hair and – oh – buttery-white boots will make you float like a feather, on one hand, and turn you into a style icon, on the other hand. Why is all denim so iconic, though? Anything that makes you float is iconic. So.

3. Ringo Starr is the dandy in us coming out every once in a while. It both says that we care about the things that make us us and lets everyone know we’re funny. Therefore, yeah-yeah-yeah, we’re going to have a blast!

4. John Lennon in all buttery-white and his hands in pockets makes the announcement about the sun: Here Comes The Sun. And here come the stars in our eyes. The sun smiles at us, wonderful, doo-doo-doo-doo.

The cut of the softly flared ankle trousers marked a specific era in the history of style we praise and adore. Whenever we choose to wear these softly flared ankle trousers, we know We Come Together and it feels nice.

The blue sky, in London, on the cover of the 1969 Beatles album, their eleventh, is the ewmpf! I grasp on everyday. Crossing the street on a crosswalk in London is, too. Floating like a feather is a wish come true.

The Beatles were kind of the dream of how you might be with your friends as you went through life… Is something I heard in the Eight Days A WeekThe Touring Years documentary and thought summed up The Beatles message in the world forever.

Whoopi Goldberg said, in the same documentary: I never really thought of them as They were the white guys, they were The Beatles. They were colourless and they were f*cking amazing. The Beatles gave me this idea that everybody was welcome. If you weren’t the hippest kid in the neighbourhood, it didn’t matter because you could be a Beatles fan. And I liked that. And that sort of carried me into these older days when it’s like I am my own person. I can look the way I want it, I can be the way I want it and it’s ok. And I got that specifically from them.

It’s that feather feeling…

James Corden said, on The Howard Stern Show, that his favourite Carpool Karaoke was the one with Sir Paul McCartney. Well…

Hey, this is Cristina Pavelescu wearing a music cassette sweater, decoding (life) style and writing from wherever, yet always living in OZ, a world I invite you into. To smile in front of our screens (and live one day), put any kind of questions, answer in writing (or imagination) and marvel at fashion which is, in fact, style.


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