July 08, 2015

There’s something about the kitchen counter, at 3am, but there’s definitely something about the universe and music, also. Fun fact.

Writing, deleting, writing again, deleting again and this is what actually stays. This, this. You take a step forward, then you step one back. Not you. Me. Maybe you, too. You like it, then you don’t, then you like it again. Back and forth is only good in one sense.

And one sense only.


Still trying to find my words for this. It all started with the video of the song below.


It hypnotised me. You have to watch it again and listen to it again. Look closely. The lines, the colours, the animations, the geometry, the edit. Careful not to lose your eyes into it. What will you, then, have left to stare with at the one you’re thinking about when listening to the above?

Or talking to the one on the kitchen counter while banging your feet against the counter, playing with your hands, messing up your hair, his, singing along, whispering, forgetting about tomorrow. And well, just losing it for a bit. For the sake of the 3am. You gotta have the eyes for all of these. For the images beneath your eyelids are going to haunt you for a while. So many fors. Oh, well, when it’s all for love, who cares? For, for, for.

So, love. Not everything makes sense, but it feels good and all you feel is electricity. You can’t put a finger on it (because it will burn you), you can’t really describe it (because you just can’t), you can’t live without it (because you just don’t want to).

This was supposed to be about the video only. So, there you go. Do like the ninja man in the video does. Show off your muscles to the lady you have a crush on. Don’t. Just. Kidding. Or do. Whatever.

Just do it in the kitchen…