One Fine Day Is Just An Outfit Away

August 22, 2018

One fine day meets one fine life meets an outfit that feels timeless. A day that feels like a lifetime. A lifetime that feels like a day. Can you hear the drums of the movie intro? The curtains open and here it is, the outfit in the 1996 film, One Fine Day.

Michelle Pfeiffer is a single mom of a boy. George Clooney is a single dad of a girl. They meet in the morning and figure out a lot of stuff until evening. We figure out a lot of stuff, too, when paying attention to Michelle’s outfit, in particular, from the beginning until the end of the movie. All of the characters are just as fun, they’re all part of the style that completes the story.

It’s the synergy we all, subconsciously, crave for in movies, in art. Life?

So, we see Michelle Pfeiffer, an architect, in the morning, in clothes that feel like shining armour. A beautifully tailored brown suit, an elegantly buttoned-up white shirt, sheer black tights, a perfectly hued beige oversized trench coat, shoes that could very easily pass for Céline, a smooth, paisley-printed, sweet vest and hair that would make French women cut and dye blonde their hair in a minute.

The way she looks, smiles, talks, walks creates the attitude style would not even be worth mentioning without. It’s Michelle Pfeiffer after all, bonjour!

It’s just right and when something is right, something feels right, but when something feels va-va-voom… Something is va-va-voom and isn’t the va-va-voom that we all yearn for in life? It’s the cherry on top of the synergy. It’s the salted caramel we’re surprised to find in the middle of an already delicious ice-cream. It’s the beautiful lining we discover in an already special jacket. It’s the secret smile we discover in a person we’d already liked a lot. It’s the perfect twist we hear in a song we’d already been dancing to like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s the surprise element life always has us popping up champagne for.

The dinosaur t-shirt Michelle Pfeiffer – for some reason, saying Michelle solely instead of Michelle Pfeiffer doesn’t seem to have the same effect, no? – swaps for the aforementioned shirt is the va-va-voom in the outfit from One Fine Day. One might say it’s just a t-shirt, but one might swap one’s belief once one pays attention to details, moments, synchronicities. Her son doesn’t spill the juice on that elegantly buttoned-up white shirt for nothing, essentially. 

The dinosaur underneath that smooth, now dots-printed, sweet vest and that beautifully tailored brown suit to coffee is one thing, but the dinosaur to a business meeting – upon a va-va-voom run through the city – is a way cooler thing and, thus, something very few could get away with. But when the shining armour turns into a spark, the whole world lights up from inside out.

It all becomes a walking party the moment she puts the red, oversized coat that looks like future legacy on.

And this is not only how one craves for cherries, or ice-cream, or something special, but also how a stylish thing becomes unique and the souvenir of one fine day that started the one fine life.

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