Armin Van Buuren. Or Everything You Know Nothing About.

November 14, 2014

A short story about two friends meeting up, deciding to go to a house music concert and becoming Armin van Buuren fans. Or fans of a dream?

It’s Saturday afternoon and my friend texts me about the tickets she has for a DJ gig. When is it? Today. Where is it? Have no idea! Ok! And this was it. The night came and the fog settled over the city, it turned cold and everything you’d want to do on a Saturday like this is stay in your pajamas and read, watch a movie or whatever, not hustle anywhere. But hey!

oz armin ntense

It’s a different story with us, we’re up for just about anything, anytime. It’s how our fun happens. She comes to my place and we make fun of each other, put our hands in the air like true ravers do. Little do we know now… 

Armin Intense Bucharest 2014

After the weirdest drive with the funniest taxi driver ever, we arrive at our destination, the concert hall. The huge heart pulsing from the back of the DJ booth gets us staring. Both at the stage and at each other, as the beat slowly (but surely) starts messing with our brains. Two bottles of water later, we leave the bar in the back for a closer to the stage spot. Still far in the back. Not for long, though.

Armin van Buuren, the DJ, seems to have a lot of fun at his desk. At his huge desk! The huge visuals on the screens behind him make me go places I didn’t think about going tonight, imagine stuff I didn’t think about imagining tonight. The fun this man has! It’s captivating. To the point that he gets on the stage and dances by himself, joining the fun of the crowd.

He’s cool dancing by himself, to his own music, in his living room at home. A look at my friend and a nod towards the stage make my friend and I want to get where the magic happens. In front! The drive before was nothing compared to the ride we’re taking right now. The music gets me from one state to another in no time. My mind is running places. My heart is spinning. With joy. This turns into much more than a passing through the crowd. It’s me that leads the way and just when I think I’m done, she comes in and takes charge. When she’s done, I’m here. And this is how we get right in front of the stage. In front of 8.000 people. A ride to remember!

This kick-off show of the Armin Only Intense world tour is a massive gathering of fans from all over the globe, a visual spectacle, a show that blows the minds of thousands. Here. In this big live arena versus Youtube. The whole live experience is nothing like what you can see on the internet. Nothing! He didn’t win the title for greatest DJ in the world, 5 times in a row, for nothing after all.

This is the largest project created by a DJ ever, with a team of over 20 artists, including a theatre director, musicians, vocalists, acrobats and dancers. Armin is mixing and the psychedelic visuals are at the centre of it all. And I’m not even a fan of trance music. Well, tonight I am. Big fun psychedelic whatever fan.

It isn’t all just about his music, it’s about mixing various other songs, too. Coldplay and Kings of Leon come to mind. It’s when you start to mellow and sing along. Your hands have been in the air all along. Use Somebody starts. Aw. Armin hugs himself. Aw. So what if it’s staged? Who cares? Do it! If everyone would put a little bit of heart in whatever and give this much joy to thousands of people… It stops being an act. It’s not an act anyway.

Open your heart for the unimaginable! Don’t judge. Be kind. Feel free. Enjoy life to the fullest. Let your mind flow. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the music I would listen to while driving (I’ll have to try it though), it’s not about that, it’s about the experience. It can get you high! Almost literally. One more step would’ve gotten us up onto the stage. And dance with him. Ha!


This Is What
It Feels Like

oz AvB
ALL THE PICTURES ARE MADE BY ME! a.k.a. Look how close to the stage we got!

Use Somebody

Love Intense.

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