A Trend To Adore And Keep Us Warm Makes History

October 01, 2019

It’s a bra thing.

It’s not a trend went viral thing, nor is it so ~ oh ~ popular, but the girls trending it are so ~ it ~ that even if this bra thing is not going to become a hit, this trick is so it.

And now I know why. It’s not a trend for everyone. It’s a trend for the girls who dare. And are an A (for Alexa Chung) or a B (for Natasha Goldenberg)! A trend for the apples, because who doesn’t love apples and when have apples not been en vogue?


Rah rah ah-ah-ah!
Ro mah ro-mah-mah
Gaga oh-la-la!
Want your bad romance

Good romance. Fun romance. Free romance. Ro-mah-mah!

One, obviously, can not not be noticed wearing a bra in public. The trick, in fact, is for the one wearing it to not make it into a thing. About the bra. But this is about the bra, you might, at first, be tempted to say. But, oh-la-la, it’s not. It’s about the attitude one, very naturally, has. Prior to wearing it, while wearing it and post wearing it. Rather than what’s in it. Apples. In. It. Because apples know we love them. They’re apples.

Walk, walk fashion baby, work it move that bitch crazy.

And then, of course, every single detail (every just-got-out-of-bed hair) counts, yet you don’t feel the effort. I know! That’s the trick. Effortlessly chic. While wearing your bra in publique. I knooow!

Oh-oh-oh-oh-ooh! Oh-oh-ooh-oh-oh-oh!

The juiciness of the apples we’re thinking of (I wonder what everyone reading this is thinking of right now) is in the effortlessness, oui! Only you and I, we both know, the effortlessness is actually an effort (a very pleasant one) no one sees, nor would we ever want anyone to see. Where would the fun be, then? The fun is in putting an outfit together, quickly, based on every single detail you’ve been paying attention to your whole life. Ouais!

The trick is 🥁🥁 can you hear the drums? 🥁🥁 way better and far much more fun than the trend is. And let’s all imagine just how free it is. The good kind of romance.

Just don’t be an A for Adam and a B for Eve. Or be and this is how you’ll get down in history. Or don’t and live forever.


This trick, in fall, is the equivalent of another trick, also in fall: wearing long sleeves and trousers barefoot a.k.a. barely-there sandals. There’s something about the Fall. The changes. The skin.

The apples.

About Fall… Fall 2019. The Paris fashion week is in full bloom as we speak for the real bloom of the Spring/Summer 2020. Guess what Kaia Gerber wore on the catwalk over at Givenchy: a bra, oui!


Givenchy rolls back the years to 1993 with bra tops and baggy jeans, according to The Guardian.

Now match this la-la to the oh, an equivalent for Alexa and Natasha dare to sing. Basically. For this bra thing is becoming a classic. The trick is to figure out the trick. Naturally.

Clare Waight Keller’s collection drew on the era, but with a twist of ‘liberated femininity’, the lead of the aforementioned article said.


Now sing.

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