Where Did The Romance Go?

January 07, 2019

Having been away from Instagram any other form of social media made me so present (with actually myself) that I think I’m gonna post JOMO in every of my writings here. It seems to go with anything. Here. Yet, in the short periods of time whilst bluntly goggling (not to be confused with googling), I found myself print screening again and it was this upcoming picture.

Photo @stylesightworld

I remember Pernille Teisbaek from back in the days, from the first picture I ever saw Pernille in on IG. It was the picture that took her high in the feeds. That took her high literally. Metaphorically. She was, however, climbing down the stairs in that very first picture.

Playing with words can make you high sometimes and I’m only having tea as we speak.

And I instantly liked Pernille. In addition, she is from Denmark and Alicia Vikander is from Sweden and I don’t only appreciate Alicia as an actress, but I happen to have a crush on her ever since I saw Ex-Machina. Still, it was Guy Richie’s The Man From U.N.C.L.E. that got me writing about Alicia. Where was I?

Yes, the Instagram print screen. Being away from social media makes you kinda think of lots of stuff for yourself. I have always done and loved it, I just forgot how beautiful it is to put it on paper, so here I am sharing. Caring.

The allure of Pernille is so classically-elegantly-carelessly chic here (yet modern and cool), that it got me print screening. My fingers must have felt the corduroy, got on to the two buttons left on iPhone and – SHT-SHT – took the shot. I have been wanting a corduroy suit like this since I first thought of one. Then I saw one. A bright pink one – I know – that almost had the same rise to fame as Pernille on Instagram had. The corduroy trouser suit became such a hit that it got into the risky zone (more on the risky zone soon). As opposed to Pernille Teisbaek. Pernille in the corduroy trouser suit, though, was a hit in 2017 (the date of the picture) and is very much one still, in 2019.

It is the suit, and colours, and Pernille (and her friend), and that hair, and that ease, and that light that got my fingers do the SHT-SHT. 

The Instagram print screen has a romantic kind of vibe to it and it’s something one doesn’t very often see on social media anymore. Most people are edgy af on social media and maybe that’s a good thing as long as it’s true. And people might now say It’s Instagram, why would you expect to see something true on Instagram anyway? And I say Why not? And their answer is Well, it’s Instagram. Mine is Well, then what’s Instagram anymore?

Pernille’s friend on the other side, she’s on fire with that trench. And twist. And waist. ST-ST.

Still getting high on playing with words. Since forever. 

Told you it’s romance involved here.
The amount of time I spent on Instagram to find the picture I first saw Pernille in is crazy, but it’s only a proof – for me – of just how much I love what I do. I even went on Pinterest (after years) and obviously googled it, yet stopped. It got ludicrous, I feel like I can hang out with Pernille thanks to the amount of pictures I just saw her in. Ludicrous is also the fact that the picture I am talking about (and will bump into one day and later edit this) is what I remember of as being the first picture of ever going viral on Instagram.

In my feed, at least, it did, in those good, old Instagram days. Hm, I remember I used to like it. Where did the romance go? We’ll find it out. The Where and the romance.

Ludacris is also a singer I am not a fan of. I would hang out with Pernille, though. She seems cool.

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