When The Voice Meets The Face

October 09, 2016

Alicia Keys got the keys. And myself from the “Hello” that was her “Fallin'” and that was, in fact, her “Rising”. Into stardom. I’ve been watching her ever since and, just as she is not one of the flashy stars out there, I am not one desperate groupie. With Alicia is some sort of – call me crazy – friendship. She was there with my first crush, then disappointment, joy again, memories, singing about New York.

I’ve been there for her when in love, singing, getting married, having a kid, singing her music live. We’ve been through stuff together.

Now, so many years into our “relationship”, I look at her from a distance. Both metaphorically and literally, obviously. Alicia is totally herself, just like back in the days. It feels good and liberating. Somehow. Not feeling awkward for being myself (and playing with making the most of it in every way) in this very guarded and multi faceted world.

If you watched the video – hey, click play – and if you smiled and felt like tiny fireworks popped up inside of you, then you know.

We can hug and have some cheese. And this is how I go back to writing and you go back to yourself.

Alicia is here. She feels real and real is pretty rare these days, even though reality keeps on striking us at every corner. See, now if everyone and everything were real, there wouldn’t be any more strikings of any kind whatsoever.

Except for the storm strikings all right. They’re cool. They’re sexy. What?

The voice is so warm, she speaks right through the speakers. These all and her riding this huge makeup-free wave she’s riding.

This isn’t really a big statement. She’s just loving where she is, the one-named makeup artist widely known for her organic ethos and vegan sensibilities, Dotti, told W.

She knows you have to invest internally for your skin to look great externally. It’s also about how you process your energy. She comes from a very strong place and she comes from a very kind place. That in itself is super important. But it’s about the choices she’s making and the products she’s using. It’s the work of a good team.

So it is a squad involved there, yes, but so is the energy, baby.


Right now, we’re doing a lot of ice work to tighten skin, bring the blood to the surface. To basically give it the pop that you need…I stick a jade roller in ice, so it’s basically freezing when I roll it over her skin. I really, really work into all those areas where I want blood and water and energy brought to the surface. It brings her skin to life, it practically makes her skin say, ‘Hi. I love you’.


I’m going to stick my face into ice – my whole self, hopefully – put some clothes on that say “HiI love you.“, run out the door and make the most of it.

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