When In Doubt, Do It

January 05, 2016

Yet, better said, though it wouldn’t have sounded the same, would be: when in super cold, do it. Don’t even think about it. Do it! See? It shrinks the circle of the possible situations.

But then again, when in doubt of anything, do it.


I wish I would’ve written here that I did something outrageous, but you can already sense the upcoming “but”. Interesting choice of words.

And of layers. Since this is the hood from his jacket. The Spanish dancing emoji.

Because I not only stole the sweat from him, but he actually, eventually, when seeing me shaking my head and not in the dancing direction that I would usually do, while having the best coffee in town and not really succeeding in sticking my lips to the cup, gave me the hood of his jacket. Awm. I know.

And then I thought “Hey…”.


And this was that kind of morning when you don’t want to even think about what to cover your body with. You just put some of your favourites on and the day won’t be anything but beautiful. At heart. Since outside it is anything but… Beautiful. But beautiful is so subjective.

Bugs is beautiful.


I stole the sweat (Bugs made me do it), but the hood stole my heart. And my brain’s appreciation. The emojiis on the face below.


Brrrr see ya!

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