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August 17, 2016


The thing is, when you’re having fun, it’s so damn hard (sometimes) to pull out the phone and start taking pictures. Somehow. For me, at least, (sometimes) is. And I love both being in the back and front of the camera. At any time and date.

I just see the lens and I smile. Having a photographer as a best friend that enjoys so much the time together that wants to catch everything on camera would be so cool.

Yet, how cool it is to scroll down in the photos folder of your phone, some time later, and see the pictures and videos of the nights you hardly remember. You keep on replaying the reminiscences of the nights you hardly remember in your head and clothes do store them memories, yet a camera would definitely help.

And make you smile.

You see?

There’s one thing, though. Let’s say you don’t have a best friend photographer and you manage to take the pictures yourself and you don’t care of how good the light or the position are, you even enjoy the process and put your phone back in the bag. You did what? That’s right!

Without posting it on any social media?! It’s as if you hadn’t even been there.

Hey, I haven’t seen any of your pictures today, on the first day of Summer Well Festival. Well, well, Summerwell. Why? You should be there, in our phones!, a friend told me on the way home from the music festival, at 2 a.m.

And here comes another thing. The answer hit me inside out, whilst the words coming out. There are moments I feel I want to keep for myself. Not out of egoism, but love. I guess. It is too intimate. I guess. Or it feels so. I love taking pictures just as much as I love what clothes can do to us. And when the two combined turn out to be so good and I feel like kissing my phone the next day, I think to myself What a wonderful world. Jk. I think to myself There goes another opportunity of posting something cool and fun, yet I don’t feel sorry. But maybe I should. Oz in Paris is one of my dreams and, from private research, it seems like this is the way to do it. Post it all. All.

But this is the easy way and I chose the hard way. The easy way is easy. Duh. Who wants that?


Don’t try to be something for everyone, just be everything for someone. is something I read on the Internet once and would def tattoo at some point.

Prior to social media, when we couldn’t see so much of the lives of everyone on the planet, we had more time for our lives.


If you are under 16 and you don’t even know of what the f*ck I am talking here about, close your eyes and imagine yourself without Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. The things you’d have the time for and the conversations you might have, man!

But then again, watching live Isabel Marant fashion shows on Facebook or direct messaging Emmanuelle Alt on Instagram nowadays is pretty cool, too. And then I say You know what? F*ck that!.

Choose what feels right. Real. Well. Summerwell:







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