What Do YOU Like?

July 20, 2016

It is very important, I have come to comprehend, that you like things. In general, not just clothes and even if this is about fashion, it is about fashion in a different way. In a YOU way. So when you really enjoy something you eat, you enjoy something you eat. You would cry out of pleasure.

You wouldn’t? I would. I did. Once, it happened while eating a peach. The other time it was all about a raspberry tart. And we won’t even get into the real food. I’m sure something has just popped out in your head right now.

Like a movie. When you are watching a movie and you get completely lost in it. You liiike that.

Or when you are in a club and your favourite song comes along. Maaan!

When you look at your fingernails and you have some weird shade of pink on them (or whatever colour you can’t stand on your nails), don’t you feel the rush of going and removing it? I feel like a completely different person until I do. Weirdo. I know.

Or guys, when you wear a tie and you are so not the type (and you don’t ought to, lucky you) and, at some point, you feel like it’s not letting you breathe anymore and you do that thing when you pull that knot, do the grimace and release your neck. And body. And mind, I would say. No?

“But maybe I just like everything”, you might say and I completely get that. I say it pretty much myself. Still, I’m sure you have a certain type of alcohol you like and another one you don’t. Or tea. Just the right order, I know.

Or a look that you are just melting over. A-ha, gotcha!

So, it is about the goosebumps. In the smallest details or in the big pictures. Our whole lives (loves) revolve around the things we like (love). That is if we care about having a good and evolving relationship with ourselves. The best and the most important one.

Why not do this with clothes? All you have to do is just pay attention and feel. As you already know, I love clothes. But I love clothes for the way they can make me feel and am sure can make you, too. At first, I just wanted to say “clothes that can easily transform from one thing to another, not necessarily just from morning to dancing, but any piece of clothing that can be transformed.” But then “the way they can make me feel” happened.

The fashion nowadays is so “transformable”, you literally can’t go through life and not wear a piece, at least, in two different ways. It’s so easy. Moreover, it’s about the clothes that actually are the continuation of you, the wings that can help you fly. I am not kidding. I am not flying, either (in the pictures), but I am sure, that after all these words, you get my point.

It is so simple, but some of us so-oh-oh enjoy the drama. We like to be queens and kings.

“Like”, see? This is where we got started.

Ralph Lauren jacket, Mango top, Zara trousers, Converse shoes
Marni by H&M scarf, Mango top, Zara trousers, Zara shoes
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