Untold. I Will Tell You.

August 08, 2016

Is the title I came up with for the weekend that had just ended. The titles I dragged, the morning after it, from my partner in hugging and friends that joined me through it were:

S: Party. Road. Trip. Chaos. Adequate (?!).

A: Boomerang. Rave. Jump. Chaos. Raspberry.

M: Giving. Receiving. Melody. Melancholy. Friendzing.

M: pending answer, still sleeping.

A weekend of side boobs, harem pants and golden goose” was the first idea of a title, but then the festival happened and ta-da! (1) I packed for the trip so fast, I actually timed myself. Mentally. I wanted to encourage the “Ok, I don’t care that much about the outfits and I will just go and have fun. “This is what you came fooor“! But. But! While at Untold, I realised (yet again) just how important clothes are. (2) The experience was too good not to emphasise on the fun, rather then the ‘fæʃən. But, But! It wouldn’t have been the same without it. “With or without yooou, with or withooout you!“.

See videos and pictures below. Things happened so fast, that my friends and I did the so famous “Live for the nights that you can’t remember and the people that you can’t forget!” #thing #word #quote and let clothes and well, iPhones speak for themselves.

This time, the last minute thinking did the trick. It doesn’t all the time, you must know. The trick as in a not-full-to-its-capacity carry on, yet four, almost five outfits. For three very-busy-having-fun days. And for days like these one must dress accordingly: to feel good, comfy and moveable. You never know how you will end up singing through the sunroof. The story of my life style.

When packing, I knew I wanted to wear the fringed Rolling Stones tee (the fringes make me want to swing more). It always starts like this. One piece that will forever remind me of the Untold trip, because clothes are the souvenirs that keep the memories for me. The jeans would have been the easiest to pair it with, but the harem pants, instead, not only gave me the illusion that I can goof around for as much as I liked, but were also there for the ride. A seven hours road trip and a night of “Dancing in the dark“. Music makes me rhyme, though Bruce Springsteen was definitely not the headline of this festival. Nor did the Stones.

Meeting your friends who you can goof around with so much that by sunrise you literally become Goofy and its Disney gang? Bang!

Missing the hotel breakfast is something almost never happens to me. However, when the night is too good to even care about the morning food you know the boomerangs can keep you up and the elevator down. And up again. And down again. Literally.

Clothes work for your memories, but so must you!

The white tee worn underneath the first night (when trying to cover the overly exposing side boobs top, so there you go, this is what a side boobs top is) went perfectly underneath the slip dress I just like to throw on almost anything. The Golden Goose sneakers remained on my feet from the night before, so the word “throw” was not unintentional. They didn’t really stick on my feet, but getting out of the pants whilst the shoes on is quite a sight. Have you ever tried it?

This festival drill itself is pretty tricky, too. You can not just stand there. You can not just sleep. It is all about getting your energy from the music and the crowd. Instead of sleeping. Although my partner in kissing would completely disagree.

Hello, you! ?

It was the turn of another harem pants and another twisting side boobs top. A top that allowed to have my hands up all night long.


So no one slept. Hello, you, again! ? And we danced the whole night through. Like proper ravers do. Jk. Though not until 7 a.m. when the dj beautifully ended the show with a remix of John Lennon’s “Imagine“. Armin Van Buuren managed to make 70.000 people vibrate, somehow, to a music I (at least) wouldn’t listen to at any hour and day. This is what music is all about. Aside from the weird dancing, jumping with joy and the fact that I can not help but annoy friends I travel in the car with. It unites people.

This is what it feels like.

The pictures and videos were all made with iPhone, the only accessory I wanted. The backpack and the sunroof that the Mercedes C Class Hybrid we drove were the only accessories I (we) needed.

Music is love!

Hands up!

Going home.
Safely back home.