To Be Read At Night, To Be Done Daily

October 21, 2015

It is late at night, you’re in your pajamas, you’d already had a shower and put your coconut oil on. And on. Right. Brushed your teeth. At last, you are on the couch and you intend on laying there for only 10 more minutes which are never just 10 and all you can think of is, is, iiis a bite of chocolate. Dark chocolate.


But you brushed your teeth, goddamn! What to do, what to do? Eat the chocolate (!) and brush your teeth. Again. Yes. Because how can you not have the chocolate?



Now you can go to sleep. Or smile and by smile I mean kiss your partner in crime. Kiss, kiss as in not just kiss. Or dream of the one! And then, well, then smile! Both in bed (definitely in bed!) and the following day.

They say that teeth are like diamonds and they also say that diamonds are a girl’s (and now boy’s) best friends, but I guess all they, really, wanted to say was that teeth are our best friends. You see? They stand with us literally. In us, actually. They are there when we say I want you and they are here to bite. The chocolate.

Btw, did you know that kissing reduces anxiety, stops the “noise” in our minds and increases the levels of oxytocin, the extremely calming hormone that produces a feeling of high… Thinking… “High for this”, as The Weeknd says.

This is not trivia, but did you know that, by smiling, you put to work 13 muscles, whereas by “straight facing” you put to rest 65 of them?

The point is, brush your teeth and smile. Isle, isle!


To kiss, well… Or To kiss well! You gotta be a pro! You gotta have fun! Go to your bed now (to be read bed, not couch) and listen to The Weeknd. Haha. Listen to be read Have a great week! or Have a great weekend!