August 20, 2015

Because I’m on vacation. And because love. Everyday. If only vacation would happen everyday and making out in cars would be like cheek (not chick) kissing.

How beautiful are these two? Very. It’s the fire. To be read “smiles“. To be read “love“. And when it’s love, one doesn’t need any trick to look somewhat. Because one looks like a trillion (gillion, catrillion) currency that is not earthly, obviously. It’s when and a pop up comes out and spells “awesome“.

And we want awesome!

A simple, flowery, strappy summer dress, happy hair don’t care, a pair of boots (maybe add that loose fit jeans jacket you adore for the nights you adore spending with you know who under the pale moon light), a hand in his hair and you’re done. No, not done.

Kiss. Now you’re done and ready to rrrrrumble. Through the day.

He’s not bad either. He’s in fashion! It’s the love. And the t-shirt. And the hands. Or the smiles?