This Is It

August 31, 2015

Summer! It’s the 31th of August and there’s no way back, fall is here to stay.

Emmanuelle Alt

Now, we all love fall. Can you say that you don’t when you see the leaves playing in the wind and you think of the one you want to hug right now? Not now. When it’s fall and the leaves are falling. You paid attention to the drill. Or to the kiss, at least.


But it’s just August 31 and September that’s about to start is the beginning to this beautiful transition from tiny clothes to flowing long ones, from thin clothes to thicker ones and so on. No, no, let’s put it like this: it’s the beautiful transition to layerrrrrring. Ca-tching!

You can sense my excitement as I’m writing about something other than the picture above, about one of the all time flawless combos. And my all time favourite ones. Perfect for the upcoming in between-summer-and-fall days. Perfect anytime. Throw a fur on and it’s Winter mood on. The ankles will get the fact that you’re a fashionista. Wink emoji.

It’s the white, classic shirt, it’s the blue, classic jeans and if it’s the jeans that could tell stories, well, that’s the s*it, it’s the black, classic (almost classic) stilettos and that’s it. No, it’s not. It’s the hair and the make-up, too. It’s about it all.


Always Coca-Cola. Jk.

Always Michael Jackson!

Listen and it will seem like fall and winter could, actually, Come Together and that would be great, but that’s another song. Now it’s Shhh, it’s Michael, let’s sing along! and observe how everything falls into place.

Falls… Fall… You know?

Ready, Fall!

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