Think Less. Less Clothes When Packing For Trips. Then Stupid More.

July 21, 2016

When it comes to packing for any sort of trips.

Until a few years ago, when I had to pack, I usually packed my whole wardrobe. No. Let’s put it this way. I packed almost all of my favourite pieces to wear at the moment, “in case I need anything“. But! But then a luggage of mine with 5 (!!!)(5!!!) of my favourite shoes got stollen (after I have forgotten it on the sidewalk before entering the car and leaving, yes). Still (still!) the wardrobe had remained my companion in travels. Oh, and I wouldn’t have, at least, worn a half of it anyway.

But anyway. This still hadn’t stopped me.

Each time I had to go out, while on vacation, the drill would have started. Clothes flying around. Hands pulling hair out of the head. “What to wear?!”. I had all my stuff with me, it felt natural to feel like home. Awm. On vacation!

And only then, I figured it out. F*ck that, I am packing less. And it has been priceless!

I actually have (more) time for… Vacation! Aaand, I have (more) room for possible (fingers crossed) acquisitions.

Now I’m talking.

Packing, actually. Now I love how I have to make my creativity shrink all my ideas of outfits to just a few. It is even more demanding, since the result has to be just as good. Better. Better for my mind fo sho’. I just have to pack things that I know will do the trick. For the trip, the 4 days trip to Budapest for a wedding.

Aside from the parteeey and the hotel breakfast attached to the trip :D, there is the road trip.

And I, at first, thought of a jumpsuit. Then I thought of another one. And I am not kidding, I thought of the third one. Sadly, a jumpsuit won’t quite do the trick on a road trip. You never know where you might end up peeing (I thought and thought for a better way to say this, but hey, don’t we all?) and getting naked, therefore.

Then I thought of jeans, but it is summer! Though it’s going to be sort of early spring in the car, due to the AC. You see?

To me, going away, anywhere, is a celebration. Whether by plane or car, I like to wear things I really love, so it is a celebration for me every day, since I like to wear things I really love every day. Oh, I love life!

The dress for the road – comfortable and hugging. The outfit on the road has to be as “powerful” as the ones packed. In fact, I could wear this dress every day (in a different way) of the trip, but I won’t. Although, this happens when I really like something. I force my mind to believe into thinking that I have nothing else to wear but le something. You with me?


For the wedding I have the perfect (for partying) dress, though I don’t (yet) have these ?:


I even thought of a back-up outfit and I still have plenty of room in my luggage.


I couldn’t find inner peace till I hadn’t come up with the nicest trousers (+ white tee) to wear on Sunday (aka Hangoverday) in Budapest. Accompanied by the comfiest (and ready to party) shoes. Can’t wait!


All I have to do now is make the playlist and go to sleep. This waking up in the mornings (5ams) for road trips always remind me of the family road trips back when I was a kid. Life 🙂

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