There’s Something That Rocks Big Time Here

May 09, 2018

And is so silently powerful.

Or is it the bag?

This bag is so cool, in a (subtly or not) rock inspired combo it hurts the way rock is supposed to hurt. My mind is searching for the perfect song to go with it, it has the headphones on, it moves its hands through CDs and eyes through memory, just like DJs do.

You have to feel the rock music, to listen to the lyrics, to move (or not) upon feeling it. You don’t have to, you can do whatever, you’re listening to rock music, after all, hello. However, in most of the cases, it will bring back childhood memories, also. Because, in the most of the cases, it’s the music we’re listening to, as adults, thanks to precisely the times we thought we knew nothing about anything, as kids.

The bag is Valentino and Valentino is cool for being Valentino alone. Harmonious, true, passionate, elegant, yet a brand you have to really look into to observe its unique way of making style throughout the times. So silently powerful.

Just like the picture above.

And the video below; my mind has just pressed play, all of a sudden.

And is watching
the video, too.

This is a track I, once, put on a sex CD for a colleague turned best friend. She and I compiled, each, a sex CD for each other back when we used to work at a music TV channel. We made the CDs just for fun, not for work, while at work. The songs on it were a surprise, it was part of the fun. We both really liked and like fun. And sex. Hahaha. Memories, see? And this is a coincidence. Or is it? Is my mind just playing while pressing play?

Alice – the aforementioned partner in crime – and I have been calling each other pie ever since. Sweet pie in key moments. Alice would totally wear the combo and she’s about to find it out.

A relaxed jumpsuit seems to be underneath it all, so let us all imagine… everything! Let your mind do the walking, let my body do the talking is, very likely, what the lady in the picture would tell us all and it is, very likely, that we would all want to see the world in her eyes. Because Depeche Mode’s World In My Eyes is one of the songs we put on our sex CDs.

Just observe. The super sharp jacket, the fine fabric, the fiery bag, the beautiful hands, the nice touch the hands give the bag. Hugging, loving. A feminine rockstar. The grey combined with black, red and gold might keep everything inside and not let us in, yet it’s so warm, no?

This whole thing going on is a world on its own and, man, we’d love to be in it, no? I would want to see the lady and, for sure, grab a coffee with. Luckily and silently powerful, I have Alice.

Did someone just say coffee?

In your mailbox would be ideal, yet in your e-mail is pretty close, yay!
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