THE Wedding Drill. Or Any Drill, For That Matter.

July 28, 2016

If you have been invited and are actually going to a wedding the next weekend and you want so much to not feel like a bridesmaid when, in fact, you aren’t one and get out of the “same ol’ same ol'” routine and do things just a little (or a lot, good for you!) different, do it! But what is it with this whole different thing? Why be different? I will wear whatever. My ol’ LBD and that is that. Well, yeah, you could totally do that, but you will miss da fun. Is that so fun?

Facetiming with your bff while the Uber (taking you to the wedding) is waiting in front of the hotel. Priceless. Not literally. But one has to have bff’s “blessing”.


About that… I came to some conclusions, while in Uber (coming and leaving), about the whole wedding day. Someone else’e wedding day. Duh.

1. Transform it into a celebration for yourself, too, and by that I mean a celebration on the inside which will pop up right onto the dance floor at the right time and will, thus, contribute to the celebration of the bride and groom. An outfit can do it for you. It did for me. At first, I only had the dress and the sandals on which didn’t quite match and I was happy. But felt naked. So I went back to the hotel and added a velvet belt and glittery socks and felt dressed again. Dressed up. Pfew. You do you.

2. Put some sneakers in your luggage for you never know how you will forget about your bedtime, s*it will go down and the party animal that you are will come out and want to be the last to leave. By then, your stood-on-heels-all-day feet will only rage. But they WILL STILL dance – see the video at the end -. I hadn’t put any sneakers in and I always forget about my bedtime.

3. Don’t try to take the heeled shoes off your feet. You will be too tempted to not put them back on. I did remove them off tho’, but put them back on in a glance. Couldn’t resist the temptation of both not taking them off, but also putting them on. You with me?

4. Don’t ever wear shoes for the first time at a wedding. A first time can mean strolling in your living room, dancing in your bathroom, everything with your heels on and only then they qualify. And even if they don’t, you will know what to expect.

5. Try on the whole outfit a day before. You will not have to go home and dress up (AGAIN) – see above – or miss the ceremony pictures from the beginning. I didn’t (try it on before) and I didn’t (miss the pics).

6. Try (another kind of try than above) not to eat every(thing) single thing on your plate. Your stomach will, then, be on the dance floor where you belong. Where everyone does. They just don’t know it. Yet. However, the food was so deh leh cious, my stomach was constantly wondering: “plate or dance floor, plate or dance floor?“. Did them both. Whoop.

7. Make friends with the bartenders and the dj.

8. Congratulate Miss Planer for their super planning and everything. You better click it to see it.

9. Use the WedPics app for the following day a.k.a. the hangover day a.k.a. “the celebration of the party animals“. The pics will be there to prove. M&A, you are in all of them. Wink.

10. Be present. In any song or conversation. Forget about the phone, unless used for pictures or videos.

This is how it's done. The dance and the WedPics app.
This is how it’s done. Both the dance and the WedPics app.

This is how you leave the party at 6 a.m.

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It's been a blast, Budapest! ?? @welovebudapest

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Meli and Alex, I have arrived on time and had a wonderful time. Your love rocks!

Love rocks!


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