The Universe Has Its Style And Magic Ways

February 12, 2019

What are you wearing this very instant? Look at yourself and ask yourself why you’re wearing what you’re wearing. The thought process alone will make you have fun (luckily) and (and!) the answers will get yourself to know yourself better. Which is always fun! Is even more fun than the previous will make you have fun. This is the first question I – now come to realise – ask the people I’m working with on finding their style and it is only in this very first instant that their minds starts to wonder.

? About clothes. ?

…That I start to have fun. The work had begun from What are you wearing this very instant? and this is how work is fun. The love for what clothes do to us all began somewhere around the age of five when I used to watch my mom getting dressed for work, anniversaries, anything.

It was never about clothes only. It still isn’t. And this is how the love gets bigger. Harder. It’s also the energy, the intuition, the chemistry, the hair, the good heart, the touch, the fun. Exploration is part of the journey to get to know yourself better and, only in the meantime, to get to know your style. Style is a form of expression (and of hiding, as Lady Gaga herself says) and, let’s say, you already knew this or it is here and now that you found out about it. Still, a new question arises on the journey: Are you willing to ask yourself questions? Furthermore, are you willing to explore? And finally (not sure about this finally) keep on exploring. No question mark. Life throughout life.

When Alina, one of the two owners at Experiment Point, asked me to style the clothes I had created with different brands in her store, sparkles sparked. Not only because I’m happy for her celebrating her dream of doing her thing, but also for myself tchin-tchining her passion for style. It took me ten minutes to put it all together thanks to the never ending work – disguised as fun from the age of five – happening in a specific place in my mind I hadn’t even ever considered as work (or information, at least). It, to the day, amazes me how passion, always, felt too good to be considered as work, yet it has become the only way I think of work.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Remember? We were all children back when asked. Yet, we all (really) do have to grow up in order to stick to that spark. Remember that? You’d better in order to grow up. The spark.

Designer was my answer back in the time when I don’t even know where I knew the word from. I guess I just loved words and clothes from a very early age. Or has it always been that spark that I have been in love with all along? Work got me exploring a whole lot of things that I, today, put together, in a specific place in my mind, and let them all just flow through me. Through continuous exploration of what has always felt so natural to me. A natural I have always considered as natural as breathing and, therefore, thought everyone has been feeling.

You haven’t (ksnajsb.aksnd,ahba,bk)?! was the question I asked myself more often than others. But, then, that is when I started talking. And considered the spark as working.

A whole lot of questions. And most people think it’s just clothes. Clothes, I’m with you! In you, as a matter of fact. I, still, do watch my mom getting dressed on different occasions and, now, she watches myself, also, getting dressed on different occasions. Thumbs up to me and thumbs up to you, clothes!

Designer can mean a lot of things and designer has been getting me to a whole lot of places and meeting new faces, even at times when designer wasn’t on my mind. One can design one’s own life. Style. When you love something, you let that something, freely, flow through you and it gives you a glow. A spark. To do things, to love people and love seeing people finding their spark. Style.

While letting mine taking myself places, meeting faces.

The Flower Power Blouse lights one’s face and lets one wear it with pretty much any high waisted trousers, flared, straight or skinny, heels or no heels, hair high or down. The light brown stripe, in the trousers, that connects the light brown in the blouse to the light brown in the sneakers is the touch not many may observe, but one that will make you smile for sure.

The Electric Blue Dots Blouse features a front zipper which not only makes it easy to put on and get off, but also adjust it to almost any kind of trousers (or a super short skirt, hm!) (or a super short pair of shorts hm, hm!). The instant I saw the leather look trousers, I felt the blouse falling for them (she even whispered something into my ear), so I put them on right away; they will come home with me (and The Blouse) any time soon. The bow sandals were there to witness the promise.

The Red Dress and the jacket might, at first, seem unexpected to be seen together, but the combination feels kind of traditional British and the brown heeled boots are feel like some sort of celebration. The jacket is, also, pretty roomy for the ruffled dress to comfortably nest in. The Dress has just high-fived me.

Traditional, family and so on…

The Sleeveless Electric Blue Dots dress is as versatile as the sparkling cardigan is. Wear them both with heels and you’ve got yourself a new look; maybe the reason behind my enthusiastic smile right here. I visualised and high-five it. The clash of blue and brown is a classic combination and classic is always, in fashion. The clash of prints and textures, though, bring the combo to today and, trust me, is here to stay.

Every piece of these four is strong on its own, yet even stronger when together. One particular song comes to mind when looking at this look: Crazy Town’s Butterfly. It just does. It’s the textures, colours, details, movement, volumes, possibilities. Yet, it all started with the OZ trousers.

Not only did the Electric Blue Dots Blouse fall in love with the previous black trousers, but she, also, found herself a friend in this red trousers. They are warm, joyful and, always, carry flowers on themselves. The Blouse, always, carries bubbles. The kind of friendship that lasts forever and spreads love all over. The white sneakers confirmed.

The Black Dress and nothing else. You are enough.


What is the song that always makes you dance? This might be the final question.




The final was a joke, who knows what final means, anyway?

Right now, mine is:

And since forever, is:

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