The Muss, The Fuss

November 01, 2016

Of finding solutions to not get into the coat or jacket forever (because this is what sometimes winter feels like, right?). Still.


Why are we so reluctant to wear a jacket when we really must wear one? When cold weather knocks on our doors literally. It’d grown hands especially for the occasion. It “whooo-whooos” at it every night. Pay attention to the mutter tonight.


It is about us not letting warm weather go and along with it the freedom that comes with it, of just dressing in whatever and not carrying about the weather. However! There is also a bright side to it, to fall, in which we can dress in whatever and then nonchalantly throw a big jacket on.

It’s like escaping from a scene in a movie where you were imprisoned to stay in pajamas all day (the torture!) – I don’t know what kind of movie can this be like, but anyway – and, all of a sudden, you find a way to get out of it. Of the pajamas prison. Still, you don’t mind wearing it forwards. Magically, a coat comes out out of nowhere and covers you and the ones imprisoning you (in the movie) are, in fact, dwarfs from the fairytale. Only you’re not Snow White. You’re Sleeping Beauty. Hey, it’s my movie.

You are in the real world now and are dance-steps walking.

The intermediate step, though, between not wearing a jacket and wearing one is a plastic jacket. Not only is plastic protecting you from the rain, but it is also a thing this fall. And when it comes in transparent, it becomes a thing to you, the one who refuses to cover it all. Or whose sense of creativity does not want to be put to bed?

We are so vaaain.

These transparent trench coats were on the trends list in 2012-2013 and I don’t know whether it’s my latest tricks list of fooling around with fall, my belief of the classic power this PVC can get or the research I am doing on the style icon Véronique Tristam.

via New York Mag in 2015






Coming back to present though, PVC is very much present. Below, at Wanda Nylon.

Fall 2016.


Spring 2017
Spring 2017
Spring 2017
Spring 2017

And during Paris Fashion Week SS17, Natasha Goldenberg:


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