Tell Me A Story. A Story You Can’t Tell

July 23, 2015

You know when you want to tell someone a story, but, actually, all you wish for is to, magically, do the wand thing and have that someone – who I am telling the story to – witnessing it all? I don’t know how you are, but I am about a lot of hands moving, head nodding, goofy facing and onomatopoeic sounding.

These animals lovers. Still, no matter how good you are at using commas and question marks, a word (or 500) would never do the trick and teleport that someone in the middle of it.

In the middle of what?

The best things. The ones you didn’t catch on your iPhone. Or couldn’t anyway. One can only remember and smile. Huh! I bet you are smiling now. Uh-huh, now you are, for sure, and that is the shit, friend! These things (some can not be told, others are waiting to be written, watch out!) got me here, in Oz, in the first place. In Paris. And now in Zabola, our destination.

Usually, it’s about the journey. We stopped in Sinaia, at the Peleș Castle, a stop on our journey, so not the destination. But sometimes, it’s the destination that makes you wonder (and wander) or loose yourself. In your own thoughts. That gets your eyes fixed onto a point and the point holds to your eyes and your eyes like it. It makes you fly away, fall into the deep and all that creep.

It’s the love, it’s the life, it’s the best things from above.

I just love a dress, a jeans oversized jacket and sneakers
I just love a dress, a denim oversized jacket and sneakers. Don’t you?
Sometimes you can meet someone and you know.
Sometimes you meet someone and you know.
Peles Castle, SInaia, Romania
Peleș Castle, Sinaia, Romania
colors in SInaia, Peles Castle
Colors in Sinaia, Peleș Castle.
most funny granny in Sinaia, Romania
The most funny granny in Sinaia, Romania.
and then we got to this! This!
And then we got to this! Zabola, Romania
colors at Zabola
Colors at Zabola.
colors at Zabola
Details at Zabola
light at Zabola
Light at Zabola
bathroom w a view at Zabola
Bathroom with a view at Zabola
hmm... if only u were there...
The air
and here...
The fire
flying to Lacul Sfanta Ana
And fly. To Lake Sfanta Ana.
This is it! Lacul Sfanta Ana, the only volcanic lake in Romania.
This is it! Lacul Sfanta Ana, the only volcanic lake in Romania.
Strike a pose. Vogue, Vogue.
Strike a pose.
ozinparis.com in Zabola
ozinparis.com in Zabola
Come, come!
If I lay here…
ozinparis in Zabola

Talking about the Universe.

The universe, you say?
The universe, you say?
the universe is magic!
The universe is magic!
You don't think about it and then it just happens. That's the s*it!
You don’t think about it and then it just happens. That’s le s*it!

That’s le magic!

The way you make me feel. It is one of those "best things".

However, the things you can’t tell are the greatest and a smile is worth a 1000 words sometimes.

If only a smile could talk. Ah, these words lovers!