Something Good Always Follows A Good Laugh

February 01, 2023

When you see someone laughing…

Laughing is the best and maybe not seen as often as we’re set on this planet to see… I’d almost not written it, because I believe in the power of a good laugh just as much as I believe in the power of love. Not seen as often blah blah is not an option, but for the purpose of clarity, because otherwise I would start to, probably, speak through your speakers as we speak, this is it. It happens so naturally that it’s precisely the naturalness that makes us fall in love with laughter just as it makes us fall in love with love. More love with every minute of every hour of every day. It might sound poetic, but it’s true. That’s why it’s called poetry. A good laugh has truth in it, just like good love does.

When you see someone smiling… I mean a smile is sexy, that’s for sure. When it is. Natural. 

I might have not known what humour was as a thing, as a child. I know what I’ve always felt in those seconds of laughter, pure joy, but I don’t know how I knew what shy was. Wait, I do know, it’s why I believed I was shy, in the first place. Now, I might agree with mom. It comes with every minute of every hour of every day. These keep coming in. They represent time, but what they, even more so, illustrate is what we’re doing with it. With, yes, every minute of every hour of every day. Chillax. It does not mean running the marathon or maybe it does to you. A good run here and there, though, feels pretty crisp. It’s that relaxing exhaustion that makes you inhale, exhale in a sort of way. It’s like the Love Hangover Diana Ross is singing about. The adrenaline rushing, the whole shebang, as a friend would say.

To laugh, however, the thing about it is… It’s almost always a surprise. Or is it? It is, right? You never know with laughter. It flows, hello. All we know, for sure, is that it has the best intention. You don’t necessarily put on your shoes, those four layers of clothing when it’s cold outside, the headphones in your ears and press play. You might. You never know with laughter, see?

I don’t really remember jokes or maybe my mind refuses to or something. I do, however, enjoy a joke that seems like, all of a sudden, I like-like. I don’t think about it, it’s instinctive and that’s when I laugh. 

Laughter is, sort of always, bubbling somewhere inside of me, always ready to come out. But, here’s a big, big but. I believe laughter is so sacred, a smile is, too, that I can’t, or simply don’t want to laugh when there’s something in a joke that stops me from laughing. It happens, immediately, in the brain. Gotcha, it happens in my stomach. A couple of weekends ago, I went to a friend’s house, another friend of hers came later on. The fun we had! But, then, a joke came up and I couldn’t laugh. Anyone’s intention of making anyone smile is, definitely, something to appreciate at all times. The friend telling the joke started to laugh at my not laughing. Like that. I smiled. I love when someone smiles or laughs. It instantly puts a smile on my face.

With smile, however, it’s that something. And it’s that something in particular for each of us. It, instantly, puts a laughter in my stomach, for sure, when I simply can’t hide it. Don’t want to. Sometimes, you might need to, but the laugh just doesn’t give a f. It pushes our boundaries, so that’s fun. It also makes us vulnerable. Aka strong, fun fact. It just doesn’t want you to become a stranger. To yourself. It needs to come out. And you love it.

The other day, as I was painting my nails, at home, and about to enter a very romantic weekend with friends that are family, with friends that I can laugh wholeheartedly with, it happened. The left hand was painting the nails of the right one. It’s the right one that I’m writing with, so yes. Focus is required and focus, actually, relaxes me most of the times. Few things, however, relax me as a good laugh does. It might’ve been my peace fingers in line when Jonathan Ross, in the background, said something, something pretty funny at first, I could still paint my nails, I smiled and went on. He went on growing the momentum, though. So. Naturally. I smiled again. Painted one more nail. By the middle finger, I had to stop painting because the bubbles inside just didn’t give a f. Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles and boom. The best. It’s the unknown, at times, that surprises us the sweetest.

She was still laughing when she asked Ok, so, then, what’s a joke you really like?. Remember, I’d just told you I don’t really remember jokes. So, I told her the only joke I do remember. It’s also the shortest ever, go figure. It implies cherries, I’ve known it for I don’t know how many years and I’m only mentioning time here because most people know it from, I don’t know, school (is what they say). It’s a word play of four words and it’s not even that grammatically accurate, although most people seem to mind more about the time factor than about its finesse, maybe it’s why it still makes me laugh. It’s so simple, timeless, childish almost. Hm, I don’t know about that, since it implies an allusion to s. e. x. It’s not any allusion, it’s straight away that. So, yeah, maybe that’s why I like it, a perfect mix. Similar to Netflix and Chill. But implies cherries, so, it has this good twist.

The reaction of the people hearing it is always, always, an original one. It’s another thing I, also, like about it. So, I ask her Do you know the cherries joke?. Cherrieeeeees?, she replies. She knew the joke and was stunned that this was it. And laughed, so there we go. It doesn’t make any sense in English, it doesn’t make much sense in any language, maybe this is why I like it, too. It doesn’t make sense, but then again, it makes all the sense in the world.

Cherries do imply, however, an allusion to something-something the Greek philosophers knew, even BC, about. Btw, did you know there are cherry trees, in Japan, that are thought to be over 1000 years old? Or 2000? Imagine their every minute of every hour or every day. Most of all, cherries symbolise immortality, so maybe don’t imagine it and figure out what to do with it. So, yes, imagine.

There’s one more joke I know, had to look up, though, it’s the joke Uma Thurman tells in Pulp Fiction: Three tomatoes are walking down the street. Papa Tomato, Mama Tomato and Baby Tomato. Baby Tomato starts lagging behind and Papa Tomato starts getting really angry. Goes back and squishes him and says ‘Ketchup’.

Laughter, just like smiling, is connected to expressing feelings. Saying exactly what crosses your mind. But using your intelligence, as the Yogi Tea thingy would say: Intelligence and intuition are true friends. Just like when we were kids, we said everything, not cared about anything else, in the moment, but to express whatever was on our mind. I, somehow, switch to present tense. We don’t even question it. Some words come to our mind, in certain situations, and boom. That’s why it feels so refreshing to be around kids. There’s a new one year old baby boy in our family and the presence this baby brings into a room is magical. He’s fully present. He really enjoys every moment. Or completely the opposite, you know what I mean. But even then, he would sometimes smile, you know what I mean. That smile that might have passed by unseen, but you saw it. Cha-ching! Whatever he wants he points at, speaks in his own language, seems even in love with his parents and, unapologetically, shouts it out from the mountain top. He really wants to be part of their group of two. He enjoys the natural bond. And, then, he discovers one more person and so on. It’s something in his eyes. And then he laughs, mamma mia, it’s like the sun is in the house. He likes the sun. And baths. Watching Sing. Looking out the window. At the sky. Playing with leaves. Enjoys delicious food. Being with Leo feels like a play. A serious one. 

But we grow up and as we do, stuff happens and we spiral, kind of. Thank goodness it’s the stuff that adds up depth and complexity to our inner life. And then, one day, we laugh-laugh. Transform every day. Yes, this is where every minute of every hour of every day comes in. Hi!

Or that second you see the smile in their eyes when they look at you and you look at them. I wrote about laughter a while ago, I wrote a lot about the power of a smile in 2022 and all this, I guess, turns me into a sucker for that something. Yeah, yeah, who isn’t, right? Well, they say everyone wants happiness, too, but it’s a specific kind of kind, courageous, attentive, fun people who actually choose it, maybe unconsciously at first, it just makes us feel so good, but then consciously choose it when life pokes us on our back. So, there we go, going twice.

My sexy friend being bummed out, on a Sunday night, about her daughter being bummed out about going to school on Monday:

A lot of naturalness, for sure, but a lot of too much, at times, too? Absolutely! But so committed, so true. Life is changing with every minute of every hour of every day and so, in any case, you, most certainly, do you. You were meant to be expressive just as when you were a child and remain one, at heart, your whole life. Somewhere over the rainbow. Come out and play. We started with laughter to begin with, anyway. Oh no, we started with something good always follows a good laugh. So, yes, the rainbow makes all the sense in the world.

Literally all of the above applies to style. Too.

Hey, this is Cristina Pavelescu wearing a music cassette sweater, decoding (life) style and writing from wherever, yet always living in OZ, a world I invite you into. To smile in front of our screens (and live one day), put any kind of questions, answer in writing (or imagination) and marvel at fashion which is, in fact, style.


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