Sharing is like bff with caring

March 22, 2016


Make yourself a friend like this (be any of these two above or below you like best and make the other “the better half” the bff) or you just do you and let your bff be your bff, meet up and see how you’re dressed up.

Why? It makes clothes have fun and your relationship stronger.


I’m kidding.

Yet, sharing makes everything better. And fun makes everything best! It finds us the bffs we’ve always dreamt of. So go with the flow, wear these stuff the two of you together at the same time, almost hold hands, look straight into each other’s eyes, listen, pay attention, be as present as you can, eat each other if possible, because it simply is (and looks) so cool!

This is an Instagram print screen @stylesightworldwide. And the tagging doesn’t stop here because I’ve been stalking, I’ve been stalking. It goes way back to @voguebrasil and to @whatastreet. And the “besties” are @ninoeliava and @ankatsitsishvili.

And this is how my traffic-red-lights time or the waiting-for-the-water-to-boil-for-tea time passes.

And this means a lot.


I am letting it cool as we speak, so…


They are both wearing jeans and jeans are here just to complement the va-va-voom of both outfits. Yet again and again. I can not imagine life without jeans. Or tea. Or bffs.

And this is how jeans literally let you be the va-va-voom. They are just there to support you. Your game. Your combinations. Your creativity. Your parties. Your everything. Is that too much to say? I don’t think so.

They are literally our bffs without mouths.

If only jeans could talk.