Set The Lips On Fire

August 09, 2016


Remember how we were all head over heels for the lips at Versace Fall 2016 Haute Couture? Everything was hot and haute and all, but those lips made a fire on their own, no doubt. And it wasn’t a camp fire. Nope. It was a catwalk fire. Boom.

The lips detached from the faces of the models they were on and started walking on their on. Created their mini catwalk. Boom. And this is how it all started.


The model closed her eyes and prepared for the good bye.

And so will we, thanks to the newest launch from Pat McGrath Labs: Lust 004. Now it’s only us (that is if you, guys, feel the lust, too) and the glittery lips on the planet. The collection features three lip kit options: Version Bloodwine, Version Flesh, Version Vermillion Venom. Each one includes two matte lipsticks, vinyl gloss, metallic gold pigment, and microfine glitter to mix and match just as you wish.

A glue seems to miss from the kit. We have to get one and stick the lips to our faces. Other wise, they will literally make a world on their own and live on their own.

And then what? How will we kiss?

Panic! Someone better get a fire extinguisher! Or glue, duh.


LUST 004 is available starting Tuesday, August 30th at patmcgrath.com and select Sephora stores on Thursday, September 8th. Boom shake shake the room.

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