Rihanna Only Sings of Love Love Love Love Love Love

August 22, 2016

There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude, said Iris Apfel. Style is definitely not just about beautiful clothes (which are only beautiful to you, btw) and you flaunting them. And that’s it – style!

Style is about you feeling every piece on you and, only then, flaunting it flawlessly. Yet, still, not necessarily knowing what your style is. Or labelling it as such. Few have just one style and could be recognised from a high-in-the-sky plane. The image that comes to mind as I say “Karl Lagerfeld”… There you go.

Rihanna isn’t one. It is a fact, she has the super talented stylist Mel Ottenberg on her side. A fact is, also, that he gets her. They play. It’s called chemistry and chemistry leads to fabulous stuff. “Of all the pop stars at the time, I could see this openness for new things and a chameleon quality. I just had a feeling.“, said Mel in an interview for Vanity Fair last September.

“A feeling”. See?

Feeling her helped him to feel. (“Help me to help you, help me to help you!“, remember?). To express himself through her. To go wild. Stylistically. To go wild stylistically doesn’t mean one has to wear a plate on one’s head. It means one goes wildly within oneself and is one with oneself. This is pretty wild nowadays when almost everyone wants to be someone. “I don’t want to constrain someone’s movement or feelings onstage just for a costume. I like to think you can inspire what the artist is doing through fashion, but you don’t want to weigh them down“, said Ottenberg in a Vogue interview. Weigh them down literally or metaphorically, I might add.

The ANTI album was out, then the Anti World Tour began and, along with it, the flow of the “Love on the brain” performances on YouTube. Sometimes I think to myself Thank God for YouTube! I instantly loved the song and the outfit. I started stalking. The #awt outfits. By the time I went to see her live in Bucharest, I’d expected to see the huge Y/Project brown suit, the beaded Armani Privé jumpsuit or the cream-colored canvas thigh-high Giuseppe Zanotti boots.

The first question one of my (male!) friends asked me, post concert, was Did she change many times?. I wouldn’t have mentioned this unless it weren’t for the answer. “Nope!“. It was just a good and very anti one: a loose black t-shirt, thigh-high-held-up-by-a-belt-at-the-waist black leather boots, black panties, diamond chokers and an almond, fringed wig.

Ni-i-ice. Yet flamboyantly boyish, yet chic. Singing about love.

It can be about money but she is still referring to a guy. It can be about shooting a man down, but she is killing a guy that made her suffer out of love. She might want to feel like she’s the only girl in the world, but it would be him that would make her feel like that.

The attitude, the style, the lyrics, the dancing, the smiling, the simple decoration, the dancers and band in very cool outfits, the entertaining mix of the tracks were all put together under just one umbrella: F U N. It wouldn’t have been the same if it weren’t for the fun. Love and fun make up for a great definition of chemistry. Just think about it. Wildly within yourself.